29 Dezember 2013

Das Geheimnis der Zitrone

Das Geheimnis der Zitrone

Foreign currency trading for making money the smart way

Telecommunication and Technology are the two main factors responsible for globalization. Today people across the world are connected and can perform exchange of goods, services and information very easily and quickly. When such international exchange takes place between individuals or groups from different countries, foreign currency plays a vital role. Due to worldwide trade advancement, the foreign currency exchange market (also called forex) has become the largest and the fastest growing financial market in the world. An individual to large scale banks, governments, multinational companies, etc. are involved in foreign currency trading. The daily turnover of foreign currency exchange is in trillions, making it the biggest global market in terms of liquidity.

Let us understand the basics on how the forex market works and how it gives an opportunity to make smart money :

Foreign currency trading market is a place where currencies are traded round the clock, except on weekends. The basic idea on how an investor can make profit is to buy a currency at low rate and sell it at a high rate. This currency value change takes place many times in a day which depends on many factors including market conditions or events happening around the world. These fluctuations in the foreign currency values can let you earn or loss money and hence the decision of buying or selling the foreign currency must be well evaluated.

A thorough understanding of Forex market is very crucial before you step into it. Just like a market where goods are traded, similarly Forex is a market where currencies are traded. Let me take an example of perishable goods let’s say milk. Now there can be many factors which decide the price of the product. If there is major flood in the country it can destroy the milk stocks which will result in the shortage of supply and increase in demand, which ultimately will cause a roaring price hike. There also possible factors where the supply can be more or normal but demand is decreased, in such cases the price of the product will be reduced. Similarly in foreign currency trading market the supply and demand principal comes in picture where the products are different currencies such as Euro, US dollars, Pound Sterling, Canadian dollars, Japanese Yens, and many more. The daily rapid fluctuations in these currency rates will let you make profit over your investments.

How to get started? Well that is a simple process, as Forex trading can be performed online so all you need is a computer with internet connection. There are many foreign currency exchange companies who provide online trading facilities, online international payments and transfer money abroad facilities. The online Forex websites are the best source of information. They have listed currency value chart which shows the real time foreign currency rates. Most of the Forex services providers do offer free registration and assistance for the beginners, so it is advisable to start with a practice account till you are confident about the Forex trends and ready to invest money.

27 Dezember 2013

Free Business

Free Business

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The Secret To Network Marketing Online

Many affiliates online give up as quickly as they join any internet network marketing business. That is the real reason why most of the people who start internet mlm business ventures fail. This article talks about the importance of persistence and ways that you can exemplify this belief for your downline.

Persistent in belief

Some of the top online network marketing gurus if you listen to what they say, have this in them. The art of persuasion is partly founded in persistence. If you truly believe that you can achieve greater financial mastery online though your internet mlm business, your actions and even your words will translate such belief and affirmation. However if you waver in your thoughts, the power of your conviction will not be seen in the things that you do.

Persistence in time spent promoting

An internet mlm business like all sales and marketing business ventures requires time spent marketing and promoting online. Let no one try to seduce you into joining one million hits per day hit exchanges, because for the amount of time spent on them, why not spend some time learning more about Search Engine Optimization. Draw out an action plan after you finish your business plan and then work from there. Be persistence about your plan and do something everday or weekend to promote your business. Everything about sales is about promotion and network marketing online is no exception.

Persistence in money spent

You have to be a little persistent in spending money out of the pocket at the very first. Its funny how most people will know how to get a loan to build a regular business venture but bulk at spending money to build their online network marketing business. True there is the objection about trust and fly by night schemes but once you have established the validity of the business venture you are running, start planning and spend money according to a business plan and estimate how much you will be making monthly and try to hit those targets.

In conclusion, persistence and the hardworking ethic has been with us since the Protestant Reformation and the value of persistence in online network marketing cannot be understated as it is the foundation of any successful business endeavour be it offline or online.

26 Dezember 2013

We Know What Network Marketing Company Works !

Networking has become a mainstay of doing business in the 21st century. It's very clear to the marketing giants those top earners that network marketing makes a significant impact on the worlds economy. Home-based entrepreneurs may run their businesses from the kitchen table or a home office. In many cases little or no inventory is required, which equates to minimal start-up and operational costs. The great thing about the network marketing concept is that allows you or others to build the system on their own. Take for example if you have a family, children or maybe you care for someone else. Network marketing your own business opportunity would allow you the freedom to do that plus earn income all from your home office system. Things to consider when starting your business is. Will I have a large sum of money to invest up front when doing the start-up? If the answer is no then home office is a great way to get started. You as a network marketer will be able to enjoy the rewards of both immediate and residual income.

At my blog site we offer different options for marketing motivated individuals. Plus we do have a team to help others in their growth process in networking. It is rewarding to have to work it and see the business develop. Then to really have the success you even take interest in personal development. After this some even get so enthusiastically involved with the experience of being part of the networking that they rejoice. We would like for the reader of this to imagine their selves with a company that is unique. We know what network marketing company works! We have a proven system in place for the experienced or new person in the industry. While companies have there individual type of growth process many share a similarity that runs throughout empowering men and women to have vision and goals, to reach out beyond what they would think to even be possible and create a life of abundance. The success that many of us would love to obtain. We just have to have vision and the right goals. The timing is right so come on aboard and start creating, collecting and preserving wealth.

We would love to share and help in all your efforts. When you are ready to start we will be ready to serve you. We hope this is inspiring for the many marketing individuals who are ready to consider the networking circle of business builders.

25 Dezember 2013

MLM Training Before You Get Started


network marketing training is very important for entrepreneur who intends to make a success of the MLM opportunity. network marketing training is a very important part of creating an income that will provide for you and your family, and in the future. How do you know if your network marketing training is effective?


Network marketing does work, however, and one should come up with a good network marketing strategy in order to increase the chance of success. If you want to succeed quickly in network marketing, you must read a lot of free eBook provided online. There is no better way to recruit like minded people than by advertising in the latest network marketing business journal.


Network Marketing Training is vitally important to insure success in your business development efforts. In fact, no other network marketing training comes close to providing you with the training you and your downline need at a price you can afford. The key to network marketing training is staying motivated and excited. If it is quality training is life changing.

You may have a great company that provides training, great up line support but if you're still not achieving the success you are looking for, then by all means seek out additional training, possibly even professional coaching.


What does it really take to become successful? What they fail to realize is that it is the people within an organization are what matter most when prospecting. If you want to build the business of your dreams, here my articles can give you the network marketing training guidelines that can make your dreams a reality. Also make sure your reason is something that really matters to you.

Look some people are just really don't want you to succeed, stay away from them. The good thing about engaging in a home business is that you do not really have to put up a large amount of capital to get started.

For more information about Network Marketing, make sure you follow the link in the recourse box below now.

The Ultimate Technical Indicator

There are so many technical indicators that you can use like the bollinger bands, the relative strength index (RSI), the stochastic, the simple moving averages, the exponential moving averages, the moving average convergence divergence (MACD), the channel commodity index (CCI) and so that you are not sure which is the best one among them. Rather, every day a new technical indicator is hitting the market with the technician who developed that indicator claiming it is the best one. So what is the best technical indicator that one can use in forex trading or for that matter in trading?

So what is the Ultimate Technical Indicator? Well, to tell you the truth, there is one indicator that will always stand above the rest. And that indicator is the price action. You see all these technical indicators are formulas that are applied to the price action to get a trading signal.

Now in forex trading, we do not have the price in the real sense, we only have the exchange rate between the two currencies. This exchange rate is the relative price of one currency to another. For those who have been trading stocks before starting forex trading, this might be somewhat confusing in the beginning.

Now support is the price where buyers step in and start buying en masse. Think of the support as the floor. When you hit a rubber ball on the floor, it bounces back and returns to you. The price action bounces back from the support in the same way.

In the same way resistance is just like the ceiling of a room. When you throw a ball up, it will hit the ceiling and bounce back in your hands. Resistance works in the same way in the market and can be taken as a ceiling in the market where price action bounces back.

You need to understand this that large players like the big banks, hedge funds and the institutional investors trade in a totally different manner as compared to us the small traders. As a small trader, we want to enter and exit all at once since our order size is too small.

So instead of entering the market all at once, these large players enter the market gradually. This way they avoid moving the market all at once and driving the currency price up.

When the price reaches the support or the desired entry level of these big banks or hedge funds, they enter the buy order. Similarly in case of a large seller, a single order might drive the price still lower. So a large seller will always enter the market gradually. This way, you see the price bouncing back and forth between support and resistance.

22 Dezember 2013

3 Network Marketing Secrets Revealed

In our today's world, to have knowledge about network marketing secrets is totally an advantage. In fact, a lot of people and businesses as well are trying out one program to the next in the hope of being able to find help for putting up their dream business.

The truth is that 99% of these people end up failing. The names Quixtar, Market America, Amway and Liberty Alliance may have played in your ears but only to find out that it was extremely difficult to convince people into the entire business idea. So the big question then becomes, how does one get to be successful in multi-level-marketing?

Capacity- especially to plan and implement and effective network marketing strategies - is a huge challenge for most businesses today. In this article, you will find out some of the tested internet marketing secrets that can supercharge your company's marketing efforts by leveraging social media. For every suggestion, a further explanation and a strategy are added. The following tips have been very effective for hundreds of people in varying industries.

But before anything else, you should first begin by outlining clear goals for your social media marketing efforts and figure out how you will define and measure success. Once you have your goals set straight, let us discuss one network marketing secret at a time and slowly peg on social media as a great marketing initiative.

1. Facebook

Facebook provides exceptional, low cost marketing opportunities for start-up companies and small businesses. Facebook now has more than three hundred million users, and while that seems like an overwhelming number for small businesses to be eyeing on, Facebook holds a very powerful platform on which to build your online presence. If you do not have your profile yet, better get yourself signed up right away.

2. Twitter

Twitter has tremendously grown over the past year. It provides a great marketing platform for small businesses. If you haven't signed up yet, you must already sign up for a Twitter account and reserve one for your business's name and even much better on your personal name. You may want to tweet from your business account but tweeting from your own name is even a more effective way in getting known.

Once you already have a Twitter account, spend about 15-30 minutes on the home page to make yourself familiar with the site. Search on people with related interests and check how they are using their Twitter account.

3. Company Blog

Although the current focus on social media marketing are more on social networks than on company blogs, blogs still continue to offer great value for every business possible.

At least register a unique domain name for your blog. If you are confident enough to put up your own blog, then it's a good way to start - although doing this would require more technical familiarities as far as blogging is concerned.

It may sound old school for you, but making use of blogs as a marketing tool has been one of the most powerful internet marketing secrets that a lot of people still do today.

19 Dezember 2013

Top 10 Tips For A Successful Network Marketing Presentation

As network marketers, we often have important information to impart and our role in doing so is a major one. Many, many times I have had the pleasure of having people approach me to say how hearing me speak literally changed their lives due to the powerful message and the persuasiveness of the delivery. Most people in MLM are not trained presenters or salespersons but there are a few steps everyone can take to make sure their message has the best possible chance of being well received. Here are my top tips:

1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Not every pitch will work for everyone so before you go to present the products or the business, whether it’s to just one person or to many, do a little research to ensure you’re presenting at the appropriate level. If your presentation is too lightweight, you’ll bore them; too in depth, you’ll confuse them. Either way, they will switch off and your vital words will fall on deaf ears.

2. WIIFM: Yes, that old chestnut, but it’s worth repeating as it’s so often forgotten. Bearing in mind tip no. 1, what are the challenges faced by this person or this group of people? How does your business opportunity or your product solve their problems? Focus on answering these questions rather than trotting out the mechanics of your offering. Your audience must feel you’ve prepared your presentation specially for them, even if it’s essentially the same one you’re giving all the time.

3. CONTINUALLY LEARN AND PRACTICE PRESENTING: One of the most important skills any network marketer can hone is that of becoming an accomplished speaker. It impacts so many other areas of your life as it massively increases your self-confidence. The more professionally you can deliver your message, the more readily it will be received, the more lives you will touch and the more money you will make in your business. Learning to present well is an investment in yourself and can give you the greatest return on the capital you’ve invested.

4. HANDLE DISSENTERS WELL: One of the major fears I hear from network marketers is that of being faced with doubting prospects or those who dispute what they’re being told. Unfortunately, the tendency is to dig in and fight your corner but this can turn the discussion into an argument and work against you, especially if you’re giving a presentation in front of a group. When you’re faced with negativity, always start your answer with “That’s a very good questionÂ…” and continue with your viewpoint. Wherever possible, turn things around to make your audience right. Download a free “one-sheet crib sheet” on this important subject at

5. SHOW, DON’T TELL: Show the products you’re talking about. Let people feel, smell and see for themselves instead of just hearing what they are like. If you’re making a presentation about the business opportunity, remember that your company has probably done a lot to make things easier for you. Make sure you get the prospecting materials they offer, show the pictures of the top distributors, talk about them as if they are real people .

6. LET YOUR GUARD DOWN: People buy from those they know, like and trust. How can they do any of this if you won’t let them get to know the real you. You don’t have to be perfect, you can talk about your own challenges, beliefs, family, hopes and dreams. Doing so gives your prospects more opportunity to identify with you so you can use the similarities to build rapport.

7. STORIES INSTEAD OF FACTS: When we get excited about our products, we often delve into the features of the products, what works and why. This is all very exciting once you’ve had your first wonderful product experience, but it doesn’t make for a very exciting lead-in to your presentation. People want to know about results. They want the bottom line. There’s plenty of time to get to the detail later but to start this way could send most of your prospects to sleep (apart from the professors in the audience, of course). The best way to illustrate what your products or business opportunity can do is through telling stories. Use your own story or a case study of someone you know. Use emotive words. Remember, not just the facts, the feelings too.

8. MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: When people laugh they feel more relaxed and amenable. Every situation has a humorous side and if you’re telling a tragic story your prospects will welcome the respite that comes with a moment of levity. The golden rule is to move people: make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, then they buy. This is something I aim to do in every presentation because it means I’ve moved my audience emotionally. I appreciate this is an advanced technique, but if you learn how to do it, you’ll increase your success rate exponentially.

9. DON’T TELL – ASK: Instead of telling your prospects everything, get them answering questions. Rather than saying “Did you know that only 1% of people retire financially free?”, ask them “What percentage of people do you think retire financially free?”. This gets your prospects involved and if you word your questions correctly, you’re coaching them to the purchase decision rather than having to push them into buying. This is a technique I teach that I’ve perfected over the years. It works great for network marketers and women and I call it “pull selling”.

10. GIVE A REASON TO ACT NOW: Again, not being salespersons, many network marketers give a great presentation and then wimp out without asking for the order. Your prospect’s motivation will never be higher than it is at that moment so make sure you use this to your advantage. Think of reasons why they should place their order today. Some possible reasons might be because you are offering a special bonus OR prices are about to increase OR there’s an order deadline coming up so they’ll get their goods sooner OR you’re placing an order too so they’ll save on the postage OR you’re offering a discount on orders placed today OR you’re seeing someone else who could become a distributor and will go beneath them. Whatever it is, tell them, and secure the sale.

18 Dezember 2013

Ignite Network Marketing Review - Is Ignite a Good Business Or a Scam?

Ignite is an energy company that has combined energy deregulation with an income opportunity. It is based on a network marketing model of distribution, and has positioned itself as a unique opportunity in the marketplace. The bottom-line questions is simply this: Is Ignite a good opportunity, or an opportunity to pass on? We review that here.

Ignite: The Good

Was launched in January 2005 as an offset of Stream Energy in Texas. They have grown very quickly, and most of that is based on simplicity. They don't have a large product line at all - they simply sell energy (the type that powers your house). The pitch is simple - all you do is switch your utility company from whatever you are currently using to Ignite, and then you can refer people that you know over to Ignite, and collect a commission.

Their compensation plan is based on a 3x10 uni-level matrix (3 associates, 10 clients) and have wrapped in a number of different bonuses for recruitment. Getting started costs $329 as an associate, and can at that point build an organization.

Ignite: The Other Side Of The Coin

Ignite primarily recommends "relationship" marketing, which means marketing to friends and family members. The challenge with this is that most people run out of friends and family members to speak to about the opportunity. Most people in this day an age do not like to be sold by their friends or family members, and when approached, can many times feel very defensive. Even with a product like energy services, people are not excited about calling up their friends and family and pitching them on their big opportunity.

The ironic thing is that with an enticing opportunity like what Ignite offers, it's relatively simple to grow a large organization with target marketing approaches. This means moving beyond friends and family and attracting a market of people already looking to save money on their energy bills.

Our final recommendation is that Ignite is not a scam - it's a good company, with a good offer IF you know how to market properly. If not, then it's a gamble, as your friends and family probably aren't going to be the foundation of a significant income.

14 Dezember 2013

Network Marketing Leads, 5 Ways To Generate 100's of Network Marketing Leads

Don’t have enough network marketing Leads? Guess not otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. My guess is that you are one of those people who know that network marketing is the answer to your problems. You’re committed, loyal and ready to work hard to accomplish your goals; the only obstacle standing in your way is having enough network marketing leads.

I’m going to share with you 5 ways you can eliminate that problem. If you utilize these 5 tools then you will have more network marketing leads then you’ll know what to do with.

So lets talk about Craigslist. Everyone knows what Craigslist is, however did you know that Craigslist is not really talked about in the internet marketing world, which is great for us because most people using Craigslist have no clue how to harness the power of it.

Craigslist receives millions of hits every single month from people looking for anything from furniture to pets; it also gets tons of traffic from Google, and Yahoo. Craigslist is capable of generating 100’s of new network marketing leads everyday all by itself.

The second method to use to generate network marketing leads would be Ezines. Ezines are by far one of the most effective methods to advertise online, but are very underutilized. An ezine is just a newsletter that is sent out to a list of subscribers.

The subscribers to these ezines are usually targeted around a certain niche. For example, in order to generate network marketing leads we would find an ezine that has a subscriber list of network marketers. You could advertise your company or product to 1000’s of people that are looking for what you have to offer.

Did you know that Ebay is a bigger search engine than Google? Ebay gets over 80,000 visitors every day. So it would be stupid of us to not tap into that, there’s bound to be some network marketing leads in those 80,000.

The main benefit of ebay is the traffic generation is instant, cheap and there is a lot of it. You can post an auction ad on Ebay for $.20 and you can post as many as you want. The key is what you’re going to auction. Remember its our goal to get network marketing leads, so you want to auction off something that will be cheap to you, but something a network marketer would love, for example maybe a cd, or mp3. Maybe you want to auction off an ebook.

Whatever you decide to auction off is fine as long as it has value; every person that bids on your item is going to be a high quality network marketing lead.

My favorite way to generate network marketing leads is by writing articles. Writing articles is time consuming, however the benefits of writing articles far outweigh the negatives. When you write an article you automatically set yourself apart from other network marketers. The reason for this is because you are offering something of value.

Most people will see you as a leader since you’re teaching others how to build their network marketing business and therefore they will come to you when they need help making them your new network marketing lead. The best thing about article writing though, is its free. You can post as many articles that you want just make sure you provide value in each one.

And last but not least is Pay per Clicks. Pay per Click advertising is by far the best way to generate network marketing leads. However if not used correctly it could cost you a bundle.

The reason why PPC services are so valuable is their ability to get in front of millions of targeted and carefully chosen audiences. You are able to advertise your product or company in front of a niche of people that want what you have. And these people are online looking for it.

As a network marketer you must hone your skills in internet marketing, by becoming an expert you could easily generate 100’s of new network marketing leads every day without even batting an eye.

My Top 3 Betfair Trading Secrets

Are you sick of losing your money on Betfair?

Over 80% Betfair Members LOSE money, are you one of them? If you are then I’ve got some good news for you. I’m going to share my top 3 Betfair trading Secrets with you for free.

Before I share my secrets with you, I want to make sure that you are familiar with the term “Betfair trading”. This is when we do not just back or lay bets, we trade themÂ…Â…to GUARANTEE a profit. All you need to do is back at a high price and lay at a lower price on the same outcome in an event. If you want to learn more about this method, I recommend you to take a look at my website (provided below).

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m assuming you know how to trade on Betfair now. Here are My Top 3 Betfair Trading Secrets:

Tip 1:

Study the market you are going to trade and stick with it until you completely “master” it. For example, I specialise in Horse Race Trading, I would not move onto Football Trading before I make consistent profits from the Horse Racing market. From experience, I find that if I diversify too early, I end up making more mistakes and find it harder to focus. Every market is different so I think it’s a good idea to devote all your effort into one market to master it before you jump into another.

Some of the things you should be asking yourself when studying a market are – “what variables in this market makes the price move?” and “What can I do to profit from this knowledge?”

Tip 2:

Make a plan. This is one of the most important things to do when starting your trading “career”. You must write down your trading strategy and stick to it. You must be able to justify why you backed a particular horse at a certain price and why you layed it at a certain price. I find that making a plan helps me to simplify my trading and, therefore, reduces confusion and costly mistakes. After I have a successful plan, all I have to do is stick to it and the money will come in.

Test your strategy either on paper or with small amounts of money to make sure it is successful. This testing procedure will reduce the chance of losing large amounts of money. I find that I learn best when there is a small amount of money on the line.

Tip 3:

Don’t get greedy. I find that most of the successful traders I’ve spoken to have all had experiences of becoming “too greedy” which caused them to lose large amounts of money in the early stages of their trading career. I asked them, “What piece of advice would you give to a beginner to prevent them from this experience?” They told me that the most important thing was “not to get too greedy. Stick to your plan and obey it at all times.”

They also revealed a technique that I still use today. That technique is to withdraw your winnings every week from Betfair so that you are only left with the amount you need to trade. This will give you the psychological effect of starting back at the bottom again at the start of every week. It also prevents you from losing more than what’s in your Betfair account and preserve your winnings

13 Dezember 2013

Venezuela: Oil, Gold and Foreign Affairs

Venezuela was one of the founding members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and has proven oil reserves estimated to be around 76 billion barrels in 2005, representing 6.5% of known world reserves. Oil production in Venezuela commenced in 1878 but commercial production did not begin until 1914. Today, oil dominates the Venezuelan economy and oil production currently stands at around 3.3 million barrels a day or 3.7% of world production.

Current reserves are expected to last nearly 80 years. Venezuela has the ninth largest gas reserves in the world but gas infrastructure is undeveloped. Current reserves are estimated at 14 trillion square metres but the petroleum industry consumes 70% of domestic gas production. Venezuela also produces Orimulsion from the Orinoco belt which consists of an emulsion of water and oil. The name Orimulsion is trade mark protected.

The current Venezuelan administration is striving to achieve full national sovereignty over its natural energy reserves. PDVSA's own website states its intention to "put the oil resources to the service and well being of the country; to build a new economic and social model, ending inequalities that have been present in Venezuelan society over the last decades. PDVSA stimulates the endogenous development of communities, realising a fair distribution of the Nation’s oil wealth."

On January 1 2006 PDVSA took back 32 oil fields from private companies including Total, Eni, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and Repsol after declaring that previously signed operating agreements should have been set at a tax rate of 50% not 34%. British Petroleum (BP) was also handed a bill for back taxes for $61.4 million in March 2006.

Venezuela exported US$38,971 million in 2005 primarily to the USA, Europe and Latin America. In fact, Venezuela is one of the largest exporters of crude oil to the USA and supplies on average 15% of its requirements. Of this around 1.5 million barrels a day of oil and by products are exported under long term agreements. The current administration has attracted criticism and praise for using oil profits to fund social programmes both at home and abroad - Citgo (the retain and refining arm of PDVSA in the USA) has even started selling subsidised heating oil to deprived communities in the USA.

Venezuela has adhered strictly to its OPEC production quotas since the inauguration of Hugo Chavez. The war in Iraq had boosted oil prices and effectively transferred billions of US$ from oil importing countries such as the USA to exporting countries such as Venezuela. Oil prices increased by nearly $30 a day between 2002 and 2005 and the value of global exports doubled to nearly $800 billion in 2005. Whilst the current oil price rises are not as significant as those of the 1970s the extra profits generated for oil producing countries is already affecting domestic and global finances.

Venezuela's mineral deposits include iron, bauxite, coal, gold, phosphate, limestone and nickel. gold mining stated in Venezuela in the 19th century and the country holds 12% of known world gold reserves in 2004 gold production stood at 9690 kilograms. Gold is mined by private companies under concession and small scale artisan miners. The largest private gold producing company in Venezuela is Hecla Mining Company which operates the La Camorra mine in the state of Bolivar.

Gold mining is particularly controversial in Venezuela and in September 2005 social hundreds of small scale miners blocked roads and held demonstrations in protest against the government decision to grant gold mining concessions to Crystallex International Corporation, a Canadian mining company.

The state owned mining company is Minerven. Mining is banned in some areas in order to protect indigenous communities and the environment but illegal mining continues. The government has promised to monitor and review this situation.

Indigenous communities in states of Anzoategun, Monagas and Sucre have recently been granted some communal land rights to farm and fish but this does not include ownership of minerals in the ground. Any mining activities must be authorised by the government and minerals reserves, like hydrocarbons, belong to the state. Royalty payments and production taxes also apply.

Mercosur, the South American trading block, has agreed to admit Venezuela as a member. Other members include Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The aim of the block is to facilitate regional economic integration and cooperation, and requires commitment to democratic standards. However it will be some time before Venezuela can be a fully participating member because it is already a member of the Andean Community of Nations with a different tariff regime. Venezuela indicated its intention to withdraw from the Andean Community, which is more sympathetic to the US than Mercosur, in April 2006 as a result of trade deals between Peru, Columbia and the US.

The current government of Venezuela is attempting to integrate the Latin American energy markets, and ultimately the regional economy, through energy ventures and agreements with other countries. Chavez signed an agreement with the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, in 2000 to export cheap oil to Cuba. Venezuela is also a signatory to the San Jose Accord with Mexico to supply oil to 11 countries in Central America and the Caribbean at preferential prices. In return Venezuela receives subsidised agriculture and industrial products, and medical services. Hugo Chavez has invested in other foreign energy ventures including a joint venture with Cuba to develop the Cienfuegos refinery in Cuba and energy infrastructure projects to construct new gas pipelines in South America.

Venezuela enjoys a large trade surplus as a result of its oil exports and its trade balance stood at US$31.5 million in 2005. The value of trade exports more than doubled between 1996 and 2005 as a consequence of oil price rises and a growth in other export goods. Venezuelan exports were worth US$55.5 million in 2005 and oil exports accounted for US$39 million of this. Venezuela's major trading partners are the US, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Ecuador and China. The US was the destination country for 55% of Venezuelan exports whilst Venezuela imported 33% of its imports from the US.

Despite the importance of trade between Venezuela and the USA relations between the two countries are fraught. The Venezuelan government has claimed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in the 2002 coup. In February 2005 the foreign minister of Venezuela asked the Organisation of American States (OAS) to investigate an alleged attempt to assassinate the president, and cited a number of anti Chavez statements made by US officials. US officials have denied these allegations whilst Hugo Chavez has threatened to cut off oil exports. The US has supported Colombia during recent conflicts between Venezuela and Colombia.

Copyright: Rowena Slope (2006)

09 Dezember 2013

Network Marketing Do's and Don�ts

Why did you become a network marketer? Most people immediately respond, “for the money!” However, this is not the real reason.

No one subjects them to the hard work of building a business just for little pieces of paper with the faces of dead presidents. The truth is you work in order to obtain what those little pieces of paper can bring you.

The first thing you need to do is to find the reason WHY you are a network marketer. Is it the freedom to choose whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it? Maybe you are looking for a different lifestyle. If there is one thing that is critical to your network marketing success, this is it. If you don’t have a reason, there is no motivation to succeed.

A network marketing business is a teaching and coaching business. If you don’t like interaction with other people, a network marketing business probably is not for you. There’s a concept that most network marketers just can’t seem to get a handle on. You do not sponsor “reps,” you sponsor “people!”

If you have to find a reason why you are building your business, then doesn’t it stand to reason that other people will have to do the same thing? If that’s the case, then why is it that network marketers continually focus on how much money your prospect can earn?

There’s no way you are going to convince “Joe Sixpack,” to get out of his Lazyboy recliner unless you find out what his motivation is. Most network marketers literally pound in the amount of money Joe can earn. They bombard him with message after message about how “Successful Sam” has just purchased his 10th Porsche, refurnished his 25,000 square foot cottage and promise Joe that he can do the same!

Just how realistic is this approach? Joe isn’t stupid. He works long, hard hours at his job in order to provide for his family and truly believes that the best thing he can hope for is saving enough money by summer to pay for a camping trip. Then here you come, promising Joe that he can have everything that Sam has and he can have it if he will just sign that piece of paper making you his sponsor!

You will probably sponsor a few people that way, but if you are in business for the long haul you need to change your approach and do it fast.

The proper approach is so simple, but in your rush to sponsor another “rep” instead of helping another person, all too often you talk yourself into and straight out of sponsoring the Joes of the world.

God gave you two ears and one mouth and he did it for a reason. We are supposed to “listen” twice as much as we “speak.”

Instead of pouncing on Joe with the latest and greatest network marketing program of all time, find out what Joe wants and needs. Ask him questions, lots of questions. In fact, in your first meeting with Joe, don’t even mention your business! Yes, that’s what I said. Don’t even bring it up. Remove yourself from the super duper network marketing persona and spend time making a new friend.

07 Dezember 2013

The business skill network marketing companies don't teach

If a business cannot survive without good cash flow management, then a business will not thrive without good communications.

There are two parts to network marketing...

1. NETWORK and

Both parts are of equal importance in building a highly profitable network marketing business.

Your network is your relationship with the people in your business: your downline, your customers and clients and your prospects. Building a strong relationship with these people is critical to your business success. Maintaining these relationships ensures continued profitability because people only buy from those they know and trust.

Most network marketers have problems in developing these relationships to begin with, let alone maintaining them.

Developing relationships has all to do with the second part: marketing.

Most network marketers have never had prior business experience, and therefore have no idea how to market or promote their business opportunity or products.

Ironically, distributors who have no idea on how to promote, tell their downline members to go out and build themselves a business.

"Just write a list of 100 warm market contacts, hold a house party and show them the plan, tell them why you have such a great opportunity, sign them up and tell your new recruits to duplicate your efforts..."

That quoted passage is an overly simplified version of the methods most networkers use to build their downlines.

Does it work? Yeah sure, for a small number of people, but it doesn't work for everybody. And it's getting harder to build a business this way today, as there are so many competing business opportunities around trying to grab the attention of your prospects.

To me, marketing is very much like fishing. There are basically two ways you can catch fish...1) go for a swim in the ocean and try to catch as many fish as you can with your bare hands or 2) get out in a boat to where there are plenty of fish, cast the bait that'll attract the fish you want to catch and wait for them to take the bait.

I don't know about you, but method number 1 sounds like a lot of hard work and the probabilities of success are not very high. This was done in pre-historic days when people didn't have the tools they do now. You'd probably have to be a pretty good swimmer, with lightning reflexes. Method number 2 makes a lot more sense today doesn't it?

Put it this way: People have a natural tendency to run away from others that chase after them. Isn't it a lot easier to sell someone on something they already wanted in the first place?

The vast majority of network marketers do not achieve financial independence. Of those who really try, but do not succeed, their primary challenge is they don't communicate their network marketing business opportunity to enough of the right prospects. That's not an easy thing to do when you don't know how...

So what do you do when you've burned through your warm market and achieved little success through that avenue? It's time to learn marketing.

Do not be intimated by marketing - it is not a hard skill to learn, but if you master it, can provide you with incredible leverage. Leverage comes from the fact that marketing is done through a system. You write your message once, but it can be published over and over again to hundreds of thousands of people in your target market.

A common myth is that marketing is risky and expensive. Yes, it is possible to spend a lot money and not get any results with marketing if you don't know what you're doing. But thanks to the internet, it is possible to build an effective marketing system for very little cost - even no cost at all.

I learned from Eben Pagan that there are basically 3 streams of marketing...

1. Branding. This is the realm of big business and it works best for long established businesses. It's mainly used to protect a brand identity, so it hardly works for new businesses for whom the general public has never heard of. Brand advertising is what big companies such as Red Bull and Coca Cola spend hundreds of millions of dollars doing each year. It is the least measurable form of marketing - it's very hard to tell if some one buys a Coke as a direct result of him or her seeing a Coca Cola ad.

2. Retail. This is where manufacturers of consumer products partner up with major chain stores. The manufacturer can get its products across millions of people that way, some of whom will buy the product. This can be done online as well, through major websites like Amazon.

3. Direct Response. This is the most targeted marketing strategy and also the most technical and cost effective form of marketing. This is where a business generates its own leads using direct mail or the internet and converts those leads into paying customers.

Direct response marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for small-time network marketers like you and I. Top internet marketers such as Eben Pagan, Alex Mandossian and Mike Filsaime have used direct response marketing to build themselves multi-million dollar online businesses in less than 3 years.

Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg are two of the most prominent network marketers who have used internet direct response marketing strategies to build their multi-million dollar MLM businesses in recent times.

Direct response marketing is an art and science that will take some time to learn, but one that's well worth learning. Once you learn enough of this skill to get going, you can forget about prospecting your friends and family because you'll be able to attract an abundance genuine business builders who are already looking for your business opportunity.

06 Dezember 2013

A Good Forex Trading Strategy Makes The Difference Between Success And Failure

No person in its perfect judgment would jump blindly in the forex market. Sensible investors study the market with care and learn the advantages and the cons in the exchange of currencies. Even so, before starting any negotiation, normally they draw a clever strategy of negotiation.

This market is constantly undergoing changes and the truth is not always predictable. Still you need a strategy, preferably one that covers unfamiliar situations and surprises.

Your strategy should begin with how much money you are prepared to lose. That may seem a pessimistic scenario, in the end of the day the goal is to make money, and not to lose, but common sense tells you that the forex market is a game. There are precautions you can take that will make the odds of losing your investment lower, but there is really no guarantee that this will not happen. Your strategy should include the possibility of lose money and for this reason you should never invest more than what could actually lose.

Another reasonable tip for its strategy is to avoid putting your entire investment in the same currency. Remember the old adage about eggs and baskets? Definitely do not put all the eggs in the same basket. Diversifying your investment in different currencies makes the odds of losing everything much smaller.

As you plan your trading strategy, pay attention to what the market is doing right now. Are there trends going up or down? What is the mood of the other negotiators? They also have a strategy and are keen to know what others are thinking.

Consider also what is your goal over time. How long do you want to stay on the market before taking the profits and stop trading?

Your strategy should also include the learning of 'know to be on time' knowing what the exact time to negotiate. Too late or too early is enough to evaporate your profits! At the moment you learn to evaluate the market and negotiate at the right time, your profit will increase. A good strategy will go to compensate this learning curve and will allow some initial errors without great losses.

You can also use the help of an that are of great help for a serious trader.

Above all, be prepared to accept surprises if you want to trade forex. A good strategy is essential and can take you far. The rest is naive and sometimes a bit of luck too.

05 Dezember 2013

What Should Forex Software Packages Offer You

Software packages are usually offered by an online forex broker for their clients in order for them to obtain information concerning the prices of the market and making transactions. Since this brokering system is getting known by more and more people and the online trading itself is relatively getting more mature, there is a unanimous agreement among forex brokers about the software tools that the clients always need.

Basically, like any other guidance tools, a Forex software must provide information on the market and be able to guide the traders using its software. Due to the rapid movements in Forex, a real-time data delivery is required for decision-makings concerning the right times to enter and leave the market. Although dealers in Forex always assure that their software have no difficulties in delays, there are still other possible factors that can influence a delay in data transmission.

A slow data transmission may be caused by two main factors, which are the speed of internet connection and the distance from the servers of the brokers. Therefore, it is more convenient to have a modern computer with a high speed Internet connection so as to get maximum advantage of the Forex software being used. Choosing a broker that lives not too far away from you is a good help. Brokers in Japan who deals with traders in Florida may face delays. At times of volatile market conditions will worsen the situation.

There are two types of Forex trading systems that traders use; the web based software or the client based software. If you don’t want to install any software packages on your computer, you can use the Web based software that is available on the brokers’ website, whereas downloading and installing the software packages offered by your broker means that you use a Client based software. You may wonder which ones are better. The web based client software has good reasons to be offered more and more by brokers. They are convenient, safe and reliable for the use of traders. For the web based software, its advantage is that you are able to log on to your account anywhere you are from any computers, as long as there is an Internet connection. On the other hand, a client based software only allows you to trade from that particular computer where you have installed the software package.

Apart from the convenience of the web based Forex software, it provides better security. This is due to the high-strength encryption of all the data, thus restricting external parties to have access at any transmissions that are being made. However, the client based Forex software have more chances for data losses from the computer of a trader although the software still offers security during transmissions. A home or office computer is prone to be accessible by viruses and hackers that aims for valuable financial data stored in the computer.

Forex software relies on a series of data servers that enables you to connect to the website of your broker and later make transactions. The servers must be reliable and able to secure and maintain data integrity and also able to ensure exact transaction processing. Data backups should also been offered by brokers regularly to ensure the financial data of their customers to be in full integrity if there is a failure of the server.

04 Dezember 2013

Internet Marketing Idea: Use Internet Marketing to Sell Network Marketing or MLM

Experienced Internet Marketers and beginners alike have one thing is common. They need products or services to market on the Internet.

The lack of a good Internet Marketing Idea is often the most difficult problem the marketer is faced with, but it is one that can be solved within a few short minutes from now.

Many marketers spend so much time trying to find ideas for products or services they can create; they miss the obvious already-created opportunities in plain view. The best part of these opportunities is that all the market research and business planning has already been done.

So instead of trying to create that one product or service that leads to a million dollar homerun (and more often than not you strike out), you can quickly set up multiple streams of revenue from several websites. That way if one revenue stream dries up, you still have several more to rely on.

One way to quickly set up a new business is to market products and services from a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing opportunity. These opportunities already have support systems in place so all you have to do is to apply Internet Marketing techniques to sell the product or service.

Since few network marketers know how to use the Internet like you do, you’ll have a unique marketing advantage.

You’ll also have an advantage over other Internet Marketers as well because most of them have a negative view on network marketing. It’s probably not because they experienced anything negative about network marketing themselves, but because they know someone else who is negative on it.

In marketing psychology, they call this "social proof." If everybody else thinks something, it’s just easier to think the same thing rather than think for yourself. In a lot of cases social proof is beneficial, but sometimes it leads us down a path like sheep to a slaughter.

The network marketing business model itself is very sound so that's not what’s responsible for the negative perception some people have. The problem is with the people who are being attracted to network marketing. Those joining typically don’t have any business experience.

But if you target other Internet Marketers, other people with business experience, or you create easy to follow systems for people who have no business experience, you’ll have much more success.

If the network marketing business model itself were flawed, you wouldn’t find a lot of multi-millionaires involved in it. But the network marketing group includes top celebrity authors/millionaires who not only advocate MLM, but they are actually doing it. This group includes people like:

  • Robert Allen, author of Multiple Streams of Income
  • Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Warren Buffet, billionaire investor.

So if multi-millionaires are doing it, and your goal is to become a millionaire, why shouldn't you do it too?

If MLM or network marketing is done right, it can be one of the quickest ways to a million dollars. In fact, it is in the top five moneymaking opportunities of all time that people use to create wealth in their lives today. The top five are:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Real Estate
  3. Internet
  4. Stock Investing
  5. Multi-Level-Marketing

Since few people desire to speak publicly, that rules it out for the majority. Real estate and stock investing typically require a good deal of money to get started so that rules them out for a lot of people. But the Internet and network marketing are opportunities almost anyone can get into. And you are in a unique position to apply them both.

We are also in a totally unique time right now. At no other point in history have so many people been looking for their own businesses. The Internet is making it easier for anyone to get into business and have the entire world as a marketplace. And the unstable work environment most people face is driving more people to work for themselves.

So you can put yourself in front of two of the hottest money making trends in the world today: the Internet and home-based businesses.

So by helping other people use the Internet to create their own network marketing business, you’ll be helping yourself to wealth. Then everyone is happy!

01 Dezember 2013

10 Strategies on How Successfully Trade Metatrader 4 Expert Advisors

Hundreds of brokers and system developers are enticing new traders into trading the forex market with claims of double digit or higher returns in a short space of time by using MetaTrader4 automatic trading systems, called Expert Advisors.

The reality is that 95% of new traders lose their trading bank in the first couple of months. How can you ensure that you are part of the successful 5%?

Here are 10 strategies that can help you achieve quick success when first starting off as a forex trader.

1. Get familiar with the Forex market. You can’t possibly hope to successfully trade a market that you do not understand. Don’t listen to all the hype that “newbies” can buy an automatic system and be successful immediately. The Forex is a very exciting market but you need to read and learn about this beast before trying to trade it.

2. Purchase a commercially available Expert Advisor (automatic trading system) that offers a user support forum. There are systems that you can get for free, but if you are just starting out you should consider purchasing a system that provides good customer support and also offers a user forum where you can read about the problems and the solutions encountered by fellow traders.

3. Choose the system before you choose the broker. Different Expert Advisors trade on different currency pairs and different brokers offer different spreads. Once you know exactly what and how your system will be trading, you can then shop around for the best broker.

4. Choose a reputable broker who offers the MetaTrader4 trading platform free. There a literally hundreds of brokers now offering MT4, but some are more reputable than others. Only choose a regulated broker. User forums often contain discussions on broker performance.

5. Learn how to use MetaTrader 4. Make an effort to fully familiarize yourself with the trading platform so that you can set up your Expert Advisor up correctly and not make silly parameter errors. When in doubt, read the manual.

6. Know the difference between fixed and variable spreads. Some brokers offer fixed spreads and are usually market makers. Other types of brokers, like ECN brokers, offer variable spreads. Make sure you understand the effect this has on how your particular system trades as it can have a significant impact on your returns.

7. Experiment with micro lots when breaking in a new system. Brokers offer a range of lot sizes - there are standard mini and micro lots. Make sure you know the difference before you trade and choose only a micro lot account if you have a small trading bank or are just starting out with a new system.

8. Open a demo account. Most if not all brokers will offer a demo account which you can practise with before risking real money. If you are trading a new system or are new to trading it is a good idea to experiment for a period on a demo account first.

9. Start trading with small risk. Ensure you understand the value of each pip for the currency pair(s) you trade in your new system. There are pip calculators available on the Internet that will provide this information quickly for you.

10. Never get greedy. Never raise your risk above the recommended levels for the system you are trading. The user forums are often a good source of commentary on risk levels for a particular system.

Conclusion: Choosing the right broker and the right type of account is just as important as choosing the right system. If you need more help in choosing the right system, check out the live results and detailed reviews for top selling systems on