31 Juli 2013

Metal detectors for finding rings, nuggets, and gold coins

The least understood type of metal detecting is that of gold hunting. The reason for this is because there are three entirely different ways of hunting for gold. There is nugget detecting, metal detecting for jewelry, and metal detecting for gold coins and relics. Each type of gold detecting requires a different strategy and sometimes different type of metal detector.

For eons mineralized quartz arteries and unexposed ore bodies have been shedding pure gold for nugget hunters to find. The best spots for nugget hunting are the desert areas in Midwestern states like Arizona and California. Although many gold nuggets have been uncovered, geologists agree that 95% of the gold in our western states has yet to be found. Most of this gold is in the form of nuggets that are in reach of a good gold metal detector. Remember that gold prospectors during the gold rush did not have a metal detector and could not see the gold. Therefore, many of these nugget rich spots have been left un-molested. For this type of hunting for gold the best metal detectors would have the correct frequency for gold detection. In order to find gold nuggets well the best metal detector must operate at a higher frequency than normal metal detectors. The challenge with this is that most metal detectors operate at VLF (very low freqeuncy) so they can tune out iron trash while going very deep. Gold gives off almost the same magnetic frequency as iron ore and many times gold jewelry is alloyed with non-valuable metals. A good solution to this problem is the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 with its dual frequency technology. The problem is that gold has the same magnetic field as iron so many gold detectors will also get a lot of false signals. A very special type of metal detector for this purpose is the Pulse Induction detector. These require some practice to get the ear for detectors dee in the ground, but they are popular among the so called seasoned veterens of the hobby. The Minelab GPX-4500 is a favorite among gold nugget hunters but these are also not great at tuning out trash items. You should always consider a gold nugget find as a good indicator that there are more nuggets in the area. Gold nuggets are very rarely found by themselves. The best all around metal detector for gold nugget hunting is probably the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050.

Hunting for gold rings is another type of gold hunting. Gold rings are different than gold nuggets because they are often alloyed with other types of metal. They are usually close to the surface and sometimes cannot be tuned out or selected for with a notch filter even with the best metal detector. By far the best place to look for gold rings is at the beach. Particularly in the shallows of a dropping tide at a popular resort location. The reason is because many vacationers do not realize that the colder water can make their fingers shrink and unsuspectingly lose their highly valuable ring jewelry. Also, the shallow water is the most recent area that was occupied by vacationers. Miami's south beach is notorious for one of the most lucrative metal detecting spots on the planet and many of the local metal detectorists are very secretive and territorial about their spots. Because you will find many other types of jewelry besides gold, it is best to have an all purpose type of metal detector for ring and jewelry hunting. A great metal detector for beach hunting is the fully waterproof Treasure Hunter Poseiden detector. It really helps to have a metal detector that can work well in the water fully submersed as well as being very capable in dry sand. Of-course dry sand metal detecting in popular resort areas is also highly recoverable detecting. You will need a great all purpose metal detector for these conditions. My favorite choice is the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 or the Garret GTP 1350 because both units have great depth and can detect gold very well. Both detectors have many different modes for different target selection or rejection and can detect small targets at large depths. Don't forget your sand scoop when detecting at the beach!

When you are detecting for coins and relics with gold, then you must have a different plan of attack. The most highly regarded and potentially most valuable treasures are found at shipwreks. The best areas to find gold coins would be shipwrecks. The best and most valuable type of find and the fantasy of every treasure hunter is to find a new shipwreck with gold bullion coins and similar gold treasure. This type of find is extremely rare, but there are undiscovered shipwrecks with treasure to be found. The most notorious place to find treasure laden shipwrecks is the Carribean sea. There is untold fortunes of gold in the form of coins and relics that has yet to be found. These type of spots obviously requre and advanced underwater metal detector. Also, rare gold coins have been found washed up at all the beaches of the East Coast, and indicates that there is much more treasure hidden out there. Overall the best metal detector for gold hunting would probably be the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 because of the dual frequency allows it to detect gold at great depths. Just remember that the search for the treasure is just as valuable as the treasure itself, so enjoy yourself and always follow the treasure hunter code of ethics!


Metal Detector Town is a detination website for all things metal detectors. Wether you are metal detecting for gold nuggets, rings, or coins, we have the best metal detector to suit your needs.

How To Choose A FOREX Broker

Most investors who trade forex stocks use a broker. A broker is an individual or a company, who buys and sells stocks according to the investor's wishes. Brokers earn money by collecting commissions or fees for their services.

You should check that a broker is registered as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) with the Commodity Futures trading Commission (CFTC) as protection against fraud or abusive trade practices. A forex broker also needs to be associated with a financial institution, such as a bank in order to provide funds for margin trading. Picking the right FOREX broker for you will take some work on your part. There are brokers who charge a flat fee and some that charge commission. It may be a good idea to talk with friends and business associates about their brokers. You may get some good leads, and you're certain to hear who to stay away from. There is nothing like word of mouth advertising.

If you are thinking of investing online, you could choose several online brokers and contact their help desks. Seeing how quickly they respond to your questions could be key in how they will respond to their customers needs. If you don't get a speedy reply and a satisfactory answer to your question you certainly wouldn't want to trust them with your business. Just be aware that as in other types of businesses, pre sales service might be better than after sales service.

Before you choose an online broker get a copy of their online demo account. What features are included? Is the software reliable? Does it offer automatic trading? Are there extra software features that cost more?

Before setting up an account with a FOREX broker you will need to do further investigation. How quickly will these brokers execute your buy/sell orders? What is their policy on slippage? What are the transaction fees? What is the spread, fixed or variable? What are the margin requirements and how are they calculated? Does the margin change with currency traded? Is it the same for mini accounts and standard accounts?

Don't forget to ask about minimum account balances and interest payments on account balances. Make sure that your funds will be insured.

30 Juli 2013

Titanium vs. Gold, Silver and Platinum

Either you are buying it as a gift or for yourself, there are many reasons why titanium jewelry can be a better choice than jewelry made in traditional precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.

Firstly, titanium is highly corrosion resistant and therefore does not tarnish easily. Especially for high-polish finished jewelry like gold and silver wedding band rings, it is expected that the jewelry will lose its color and shine over time. Even if they are stored properly in jewelry boxes or safe, the oxygen in the air reacts with the metals and turns the color. This process is of course accelerated if the jewelry is worn daily because the sweat combined with body temperature, acts as catalysts to the chemical process.

Also, titanium is hypoallergenic, which means that very few people have skin that is sensitive to it. People who are allergic to gold, silver or, more commonly, nickel, which is found in most gold and silver jewelry, don’t have to worry about outbreak when wearing jewelry made from titanium and its alloys.

A widely known property about titanium is its durability. It is this attribute that makes it perfect for active individuals who frequently engage in outdoor activities, even water sports. It is not uncommon that people find their gold or silver jewelry damaged, or even lost, after a day of exciting outdoor events. These disappointments can easily be avoided if titanium jewelry is worn instead. In addition, titanium has a high strength to weight ratio. In other words, although it is much stronger than gold and silver jewelry, even steel, it is much lighter and hence more comfortable to wear.

Finally, it is fashionable and trendy to wear titanium jewelry. The metal is relatively new in the fashion industry with many new ideas being applied on it. Titanium is so versatile that it not only can be combined with gemstones, gold and silver, engraved and finished like traditional jewelry; it can also be anodized to create eye-catching colored titanium jewelry.

Common titanium jewelry includes wedding band ring, men's titanium rings and men's titanium bracelets. There is every reason to explore the vast possibilities and express your personality in a whole different way.

What are Forex PIPs

You need to have full knowledge about forex PIPs, or Percentage in Point, to make the task of computing your profit and losses possible. A pip is the smallest unit of increase or decrease in the value of a particular currency. For example, if you buy a certain currency at 1.2475 and sell it for 1.2489, you made 14 pips. Doing your calculations using this unit is much more efficient than using any currency, because you would no longer need to do any conversion or any complex calculations.

Since forex trading involves currencies that are often traded in pairs, reducing the spread of forex pips is possible by dealing currencies that have a small price difference. This makes it important to calculate the pips when you are tallying your profits. After all, you will be able to accurately gauge the amount that you make if you fail to consider this unit into consideration.

You can also use your knowledge about pips in planning out your investment tactics. Because you will be using a more accurate unit, you will be able to formulate a plan that will be more suitable for your needs. For example, you can use pips to calculate when the quote rates are lowest and highest, thereby giving you the right timing of selling and buying your currencies.

However, using pips as basis for investment plans is not preferred by some traders, mainly because pips tend to be a little unstable. There are times when the pip rate will be higher than normal, thereby giving you more opportunities to make a decent amount of profit. However, during the times when the pip rates are low, you will be having difficulties in earning anything at all, no matter what you do.

Pip rates also differ from one currency to another. For this reason, it is highly unlikely for one person to be able to calculate the pips of every single currency in the whole world. If you are serious about using pip rates as bases for your investment plan, you better enlist the help of a trained broker, to keep you from making any fatal mistake.

29 Juli 2013

Option Trading � Developing An Option Trading System

There are 2 kinds of option trading systems in general; Discretionary and Mechanical. A discretionary option trader follows no specific rules but chooses, enters and exits an option trade using all of his knowledge or gut feeling. A mechanical option trader is one who translates his knowledge of choosing stocks, entry and exit into objective rules. Such a system is commonly translated into a computer program in order to completely automate the option trading system. The advantage of mechanical option trading is obvious; the removal of human emotions in the trading process thereby reducing human errors.

I moved from discretionary to mechanical option trading years ago and only started becoming consistently successful in option trading after I developed my personal mechanical option trading system called the Star Trading System (

So, what are the steps to be taken in order to develop your personal mechanical trading system for option trading? Here is a guidelineÂ…

1. Stock Selection

List down all the criteria you think must be true in order for a stock to qualify as an option trading candidate. Make sure all of these criteria are quantifiable. Example : a. Last close more than $10, b. Last price rising for the past 3 days c. PE must be positive. Finally, program a charting software with these criteria so that you can run a scan of all stocks that qualified within seconds daily. Technological advances have made possible to screen stocks within seconds. Traders used to have to spend hours going through each stock against a spread sheet in order to find trading candidates.

2. Option Selection Procedure

Now that you have chosen your stock, you need to determine which option qualifies for your option trading system. Your personal option trading system may be based on OTM options or ITM options or even based on bullish or bearish spreads.

3. Entry Procedure

Now that you have determined what stock to watch and which option to buy, it is time to determine under what conditions to make that move to buy on. It may be as simple as to enter upon market opening or as complex as to watch the underlying stock movement for a pre-determined period of time before it qualifies for entry. Whatever it is, it must compliment your personal option trading style.

4. Exit Procedure

Now that you have an open position, you need to determine what must be true for you to take profit or to stop loss. There are 2 classes of exit procedure that you must establish; Stop Loss and Profit Taking. Stop loss in option trading can be simply based on a % loss of the option position or based on a % loss on the underlying stock. Profit taking can be based on the stock’s target price or a % gain on the option position. After you have done that, you would want to see how your broker can help to automate that for you. Commonly, people break their own stop loss or profit taking points due to emotional involvement, that is why many brokers have features which allow fairly complex stop loss or profit taking strategies to be automated. If your broker does not support such automation and you are the type who cannot properly enforce your own stop loss or profit taking strategy, then it may be good to consider switching to a broker that does.

Now, give that option trading system a name and paper trade it for at least 6 months. Do not expect to get it right the first time. Developing a profitable option trading system takes time, knowledge and experience and is something which cannot be rushed. My Star Trading System ( took me years of work to arrive at a stage where even complete amateurs can follow easily and make a consistent profit from.

So, have fun translating your option trading philosophy into an option trading system and to watch it in action. I am sure it will be an extremely fulfilling experience whether or not the system turned out to be profitable.

28 Juli 2013

The most expensive chains seen on the stars

Chains form an essential part of jewellery. Embellishments without a gold, silver or platinum chain are considered worthless. Women are fond of wearing chains in the form of a necklace, or anklet, or even bracelet.

Coming to the cost, silver chains are least expensive and platinum chains are very expensive. Silver chains are within easy reach of everyone. Even if the person is poor, still they can afford to wear a silver chain. gold chains are mainly used by middle income group people and are very popular in eastern countries.

Next, we come to the platinum Chains, which are the most expensive ones. A person in the middle income group can never think of purchasing a platinum chain because it is too costly. Platinum chains are mostly seen on the stars and other rich people. Most celebrities are seen in advertisements and on the red carpet wearing expensive chains. Expensive chains have now become a status symbol for stars, and almost every star can be seen wearing either a diamond studded platinum chain or a pure platinum chain.

People who are not able to fulfill their dreams of having an expensive chain have found an easy alternative. They purchase a silver chain and then get it platinum polished. The polish that is done is not permanent and remains for around six to seven months. In this way, they can at least experience the pleasure of wearing an expensive chain for some time.

If you watch any gathering of stars, most of them will be seen wearing the most expensive and luxurious Chains. There are many reasons behind this. First of all, stars have got an excessive amount of money to spend. Secondly, the unmatched radiance and glow of an expensive chain makes the personality of the person brighter. This gives the person a charming and graceful look. Thirdly, designers are coming out with more and more designs every day to draw the attention of stars.

Every star is desirous of having a chain that no other person has, without considering its cost. They want their chain to be uncommon and unique. Sometimes, if they see someone wearing a chain that is exactly the same as theirs, they just stop wearing their own chain and then they start a new search for a unique chain.

Stars look for a chain that can reflect their own personality. For instance, a diamond studded chain shows that the person wearing the chain is pure and transparent like the diamond itself. A shining platinum chain shows that the person values himself more than anyone else. A platinum chain with expensive coloured gems studded in it shows that the person wearing it is of ebullient nature and is comfortable in talking to anyone. The coloured gems represents that the person wants to remain happy in any kind of situation.

However if you can't afford an expensive chain, at least because of their popularity amongst the stars even the less wealthy can look at the photos of celebrities and dream of one day owning their own expensive necklace.

27 Juli 2013

Gold Coast - Budget Accommodation

The gold Coast region is the most visited tourist destination for Australian as well as international tourists. Attracting millions of tourists every year, this area offers something for every single age and taste. Blessed with a warm climate, the gold Coast boasts gorgeous weather all year round. Spectacular beaches and a pristine landscape are the highlights of this area.

Due to this amazing geography, sports such as surfing and kite-sailing are virtually second nature to all the people you will find in this area. The Gold Coast has been catering to the needs and requirements of tourists for such a long time that a visible tourist culture has emerged, enabling all kinds of tourists to experience the wonders of the Gold Coast, regardless of their individual needs and requirements. Visiting the Gold Coast does not have to be a costly endeavour as there are various accommodation facilities and options that cater to travellers who prefer staying in budget accommodation.

Lobhere is an online resource where you can take care of all of your Surfers Paradise accommodation needs. Surfers Paradise is a location in the larger Gold Coast area. The accommodation options offered by Lobhere include the Chevron Renaissance Towers Resort, the Circle on Cavill Resort and the Q1 Resort and Spa. All of the apartments offered by Lobhere are self-contained (self-catering). However, all of the options also provide guests with access to housekeeping services as well as other add-on facilities, such as designated parking areas and so on. For more information, please visit the company website at

Forex Invincible Scam.

Forex Invincible is scheduled to be released on Tuesday April 6th, 2010. But what exactly is the forex Invincible Software? Is this another forex trading robot? Is it a trading indicator? Or is it a signals software? In this Forex Invincible Review, we will pull back the curtain on this software and reveal exactly what it is and if its really worth the price tag of $97.

What is the Forex Invincible Software?

The Forex Invincible Software is a signals software which will provide its users with alerts when it spots a potentially profitable trade. The software provides the signal which tells the user the exact entry and exit points of the trade, so there is no guesswork involved. So why would one choose this type of software over a forex trading robot which would trade for them automatically? In simple terms, you will have total control with a signals software like the Forex Invincible. This type of software has always been more popular with veteran forex traders because of this sole reason. No experienced trader likes giving all the control of their trading over to a robot which cannot be completely controlled.

With signals software, you have the ability to adjust your level of risk on the fly. You can also choose not to place certain trades if you so choose. Additionally, you can learn from your past mistakes and improve your trading ability over time. With your traditional forex robots, you do not have the option to do any of the above. You can adjust your risk level with forex robots, but its across the board, you cannot choose to place higher or lower risk on certain trades according to your comfort level with the proposed trade. Additionally, you don't even have the option to "pass" on a proposed trade as a forex robot will automatically place the trade whether you like it or not. And lastly, where forex robots ultimately fail, they cannot learn from their past mistakes. When they place a "bad trade" they cannot learn from this mistake and will continue to make these "bad trades" thus depleting your account in the long run.

Who Can Benefit From a Signals Software System?

Signals Software is beneficial to both beginners and veteran traders alike. For beginners, it offers a clear and precise trading system which will allow them to get started right away without having to learn every aspect of the forex markets. It provides them with the exact trading perameters of the trades, the user just has to execute the trades accordingly which is easily learned and explained within the system. This also allows the user to "learn as they go" and get better with their trades over time. They can learn from past mistakes and apply them to future trades, unlike with forex robots where the user doesn't learn anything from watching the robot execute trades by itself.

As for seasoned traders, this type of software is beneficial for them as it offers some sort of automated tool to help them monitor the market for profitable trades rather than staring at charts themselves 24 hours a day to spot the profitable trades. It also provides them with complete control over the trades they place. They can choose not to place certain trades, but it also provides the flexibility for them to place their own level of risk on the trades they choose to execute. This is exactly why most seasoned forex traders never bought into the "forex robot hype". They know that in order to succeed in the long term, one must learn a system, apply it on their own, learn from it, have control over their trades, and most of all, have control over their own money. However, the key to not burning out and making crucial mistakes, is to have automated tools to assist with the entire process. This is why a signals software like the Forex Invincible are so attractive to the veteran traders. It will spot trades for them while still providing them with total control over the trades placed and their money management.

Is Forex Invincible Worth the Price Tag of $97?

In comparison to other forex signals software, the $97 price tag is right in line for this product. Forex Mercenary and Forex Profit Launcher are 2 signals software products that have been recently released and both were released at $97. And in comparison to forex robots, this is on the low side for those types of products where robots range anywhere from $97 to upwards of $497 (and signals software allow you to do even more). Additionally, a huge advantage that the Forex Invicible software has over the other signals software that have come before it is this:

The Forex Invincible software will monitor all the major currency pairs and the different time frames.

Unlike all the other signals software which just monitor one time frame and one currency pair, this software provides trading signals on all major pairs and multiple time frames within each pair. So you can be assured you will not be short of trading opportunities with the Forex Invincible software. With this added feature, the Forex Invincible has surpassed its competitors and has easily made this software well worth the price of just $97.

What Kind of Income can Be Expected from using these Signals?

I will not go into all the details regarding proof of income here, as this is best shown by the testers of the Forex Invincible Software. But below is just one statistic that stands out from the rest:

over 365 Days of Profitable Trades and Not Even One Single Loss

Take Advantage of the 60 Day NO RISK TRIAL OFFER and see the results for yourself.

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Does John Templeton's Trading in the Buff Forex System Really Work?

The question posed in the headline to this article ought really to be turned around and asked: Did John Templeton's formula (of using price action to determine a successful currency trade) ever fail consistently? And the answer is: No. It hasn't. Not in all the years since there have been markets to trade in. In fact, it is what many, if not most, successful professional forex traders use as their main guideline for finding successful trading opportunities.

According to John, if you are looking for a trading robot (also known as "Expert Advisors" or EAs) to help you trade the forex market, you are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to finding profitable trades. "The trading markets are way too complicated to let a robot do the trading for you." There are just too many variables that can come into play for any self respecting forex trader to allow a robot to do the trading for him. Besides that, it just doesn't make any sense, at least with the data that most of these robots are being programmed to gather and decipher. In other words, the data they are considering and deciphering is not always actionable data.

And what about those who trade using "special indicators?" Special indicators are interesting in theory; and they certainly make an intriguing selling point for those who sell forex trading strategies based on using these indicators. However, they only tell you what has already happened. They show a trend already half way through its life cycle. But they certainly aren't able to predict where the market is likely to go for very much longer. And by the time you enter your trade using these indicators, you've already lost half the profit you might have made. So, what good is that!

Let's examine an indicator like stochastics. According to the so-called "experts," this indicator is meant to show you when the market is oversold or overbought. But how does this apply to the forex market, where what you are buying is one currency as against another and not a product oriented stock competing against similar product oriented stocks? As John asks: "Just because this indicator is telling you that a currency is overbought or oversold, does that really mean that it's time to buy or sell?" The currency market is a different animal from traditional commodity or product oriented stock investments.

John sees himself as being a technical trader who is laser-beam focused on price action, which is why he decries all these gimmicky theorems for investing in the foreign currency market. "Once traders can get rid of this kind of mindset, and start focusing on what's important for a technical trader, which is price movement, then you can start to call yourself a trader." Finding profit potential trades based on price movement or price action is what John's educational material Trading in the Buff teaches.

And he is not just making a pitch for his forex trading product; he is speaking from experience: "When I first started trading forex, I had to take my lumps, just like anybody else. I bought one gadget after another. And after all that, it became obvious to me. No gadget is going to do the work for me. I wasn't going to be able to push a button and become a millionaire."

Instead, he hunkered down and began studying the only forex trade signals he needed to give him a heads up as to what currency pairs to invest in: price movement. Which currencies you invest in varies depending on the conditions of the market, which are always in a state of flux. Market conditions are going to change depending on whether it's a ranging market or a trending market. But you have to be able to look at the bare statistics and know what you are looking at in order to be able to tell what is happening in the current moment.

Fashionable forex trading systems will come and go, just like any other trading fad. Yet, if you really want to make money trading on the currency exchange market, you'd better pay attention to the basics. And that means watching price action and the fundamentals that move price action. That's where the actionable data is at.

You're invited to check out a further review of John's unique system of forex trading at: Trading in the Buff Review.

For more information about choosing a reliable forex trading system, check out this additional article A Review of John Templeton's Trading in the Buff Forex System.

Managing The Forex Accounts For You

Managed forex accounts are a boon for those who don't have the time to devote to the foreign exchange dealing. It's also for those who don't have the expertise to deal in the foreign exchange markets. Professionals are there for managing forex accounts. Management of these forex accounts is a very serious and a competitive business. Many investors like to allocate a portion their funds to forex accounts managed professionally. It helps them to diversify their risks and also mitigate any losses that may arise from other portfolios such as stock and bond market. Since forex transactions is a ball game separate from that of the stock markets, their profits and losses are also separate.

Therefore these currency-trading accounts can enhance one's portfolios in a great way. The forex exchange accounts that are managed professionally must be able to provide the following, irrespective of which forex trading manager or account that you choose

A currency trading account not tied to the stock market operations

The forex managed account should be able to provide a better return than the treasury bonds and other such money market instruments

Professional expertise is a must. The firm should have good standing in the market and have professionals who have experience in dealing in foreign exchange accounts. Most foreign banks and transnational firms employ the best and have constantly out performed others. It's not necessary that your forex account manager should be a Harvard Grad but in most cases it, they are better trained.

The firms that professionally handle forex accounts and forex trading must be able to leverage to give maximum profits.

The forex trading manager must be able to book profits in both the falling and rising currency markets.

Should provide for monthly / weekly reporting of the forex transactions as well as real time reporting if need be.

The forex accounts should be such that they are liquid in nature. They should give ease of withdrawal (of money) to the investors at particular time intervals and in cases of emergency too.

Depending on the firms that one chooses, there are various kinds of currency trading accounts that one can invest under. They may be called by several names such as Global forex accounts, aggressive forex accounts, and high value forex accounts etc.

For example the Global forex accounts might deal in many foreign currencies, many of which may not be the liquid currencies such as the Soviet Rouble or The Indian Rupee. Other accounts such as the aggressive forex accounts may deal in the most liquid of the accounts such as the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar.

The forex trading accounts also differ on another account, that of the initial investment that is required. Some forex trading accounts may need an initial investment of US$ 10,000, others US$ 50,000, still others might require an initial investment of US $100,000.

Being professionally managed, the forex trading account managers make use of various statistical analysis tools to give the optimum and maximum results and profit. Therefore considering the factors as given, choose the currency-trading fund best suited for your needs.

24 Juli 2013

Gold Mining for Dummies - Learn the Ropes

I have been prospecting and mining for gold each as a hobby and as an occupation for nearly 21 years and in my impression it's a blast! From the deep green forests to the rolling sagebrush hills, several people today see as a lot of America's broad open spaces as I do. I kick about kooky small outdated towns in the center of nowhere. I check out historic internet sites exactly where the pioneers of the west toiled for many years to extract valuable metals from the ground. As enjoyable as that is even though, obtaining your own gold, both as a nugget or in solid challenging rock is a unique knowledge that's challenging to equal.

University children in California learn how James Marshall accidentally learned gold nuggets while constructing a h2o powered sawmill in the Sierra foothills. The exhilaration resulting from Marshall's discovery was a fire that ignited gold and silver rushes all across the western US. A century back, Jim Butler, whilst traveling from his ranch in central Nevada, noticed some quartz vein content. Currently being a great prospector, he collected a sample, but he imagined so minor of his find that it sat on his porch for months ahead of it was tested. That sample grew to become the very first of several abundant discoveries at Tonopah. I could write a entire guide telling the tales of these person prospectors who, whether or not intentionally or by incident, identified abundant deposits of gold and other beneficial ores. These finds have had no smaller influence on the development of our region - historically hundreds of thousands upon thousands and thousands of ounces of gold have been recovered from deposits identified by particular person prospectors.

The gold prospecting entire world is generally divided into two halves. They are placer gold and difficult rock gold. Challenging rock is gold, which remains in the original stable rock in which it shaped. The tricky rock, open pit mines of Nevada have made practically one hundred million ounces considering that their discovery in 1960. Though a several modest functions however exist, tricky rock mining is usually completed on a significant scale. The key problem for folks interested in difficult rock gold deposits is high capital charges for the devices to crush and procedure tough rock ore in order to extract the gold from its stable rock enclosure. Due to the fact of this, a lot of prospectors who search for challenging rock gold seek out to promote their finds to significant companies that have the sources to build them.

Any gold that has weathered out of its unique rock matrix, be it a quartz vein or one more supply is termed placer gold. There are several diverse types of placers relying on how much the gold traveled, its origin, and so forth. The four most frequent varieties of placer deposits are: 1) Residual - in which the first vein has weathered, but the placer gold remains a lot more or significantly less "in place" and nonetheless within just a couple of ft of the first supply two) Eluvial - in which the gold has traveled a quick distance down from the resource, but has not created it into streams and other drainages - these are generally known as hillside placers 3) Alluvial - Exactly where the gold has produced it into place streams and rivers. These placers are sorted by operating water and typically the gold lies primarily on or in the vicinity of the bedrock 4) Seaside placers come about where tiny gold particles make it all the way down river to the ocean. Wave motion can concentrate the heavier fraction of the sand, producing black sand layers made up of excellent gold.

The moment you discover your 1st gold, you won't have significantly trouble seeing what held the previous pioneer prospectors going underneath this kind of rugged circumstances. There is no doubt in my intellect that gold fever is a problem that basically exists. In my knowledge, staring also carefully at gold nuggets or thinking also considerably about the quest to discover them frequently brings about it. Luckily, it's an satisfying problem with handful of, if any, unsafe facet effects. Prospecting for gold is a pastime that's effortless to fall into.

It doesn't automatically price tag a mint to get into prospecting. It can be as basic as acquiring a gold pan for $ten and grabbing a bucket and the garden spade from the garage.
On the other hand, there are a lot of wonderful gold saving products obtainable to the contemporary prospector. Some permit the contemporary prospector to accomplish items no old timer could at any time dream of. From metal detectors, to transportable suction dredges, to dry placer devices and other gold recovery gadgets of all kinds, numerous substantial enhancements have been built in modest scale prospecting gear. Most people get started off little and purchase more sophisticated equipment as they get much more involved in the pastime.

For just about any outside fanatic, it's worthwhile to know a tiny about gold deposits - due to the fact the next large locate could be yours! In addition, do your research before you start. I've found tons of good info on the web regarding gold panning locations in the US.

Gold Panning in Alaska
Amazing Locations to Pan for Gold

23 Juli 2013

Gold Panning For Fun & Profit

How Much gold Can I Expect To Find?

The definitive answer is -- it depends. There are many variables. The amount of gold recovered varies tremendously. You may find a few small nuggets every few pans, while your friend 10 feet away will find nothing but gold dust.

The most difficult lesson to learn is where gold hides. The path of water, amount of gold moving, types of rocks and speed of the water over the life of the stream, all affect gold and where it settles. This means that you may find decent flakes at a specific spot, but never find anything else there again.

There is no reliable way to tell how much gold will be found. If you go to the same area each time, you will be able to get a feel for the amount that you typically recover.

Personally, on a 4-hour hike along a stream mostly visiting with friends, I will typically find 1/8th of a gram of gold. Not much, but enough to make it fun and be visible. If I am not being lazy and decide to work specific spots, a lot more can consistently be found and occasionally a nugget too.

What Is It Worth?

That is another variable question. The biggest variable affecting the value of gold is the purity. In some places, gold can be 24 karat and other places it will be very coarse and only be 14 karat or less. 24 karat gold is worth about $10 a gram and may often be worth more as an art piece.

To put the size into perspective, a piece of gold the size of a grain of rice can weight a gram. It doesn’t take a lot of flakes in the bottom of a vial to add up to a gram or 2

Even if you do not have much gold, and even it isn’t pure, it has another value -- sentimental. There is something almost magical about having a vial of gold that YOU found. Inside that vial is the story of the look on your face the first time you found a decent sized flake or nugget, perhaps the memory of a visit with a old friend or how the stresses of the week melted away after finding some color. Perhaps your vial will become a legacy that you pass to your children as a reminder of the many fond memories from taking them panning and hoping they do the same with their children.

This potentially life long hobby is fun, great exercise and is applicable to anywhere in the world. Once you start finding gold you may find yourself counting the seconds until you can go back and turn over the rock just to the left of where you had been digging.

Part One: Is There Gold at Winnemucca, Nevada?

Encircled by nearly 20 gold mines in one of the world's most prolific gold-producing regions, Evolving Gold may be in the pole position for the Sleeper Success Story of 2006. Surrounding Evolving Gold's Winnemucca Mountain gold property are world-class gold mines, such as Glamis Gold's three-million ounce Marigold mine, Newmont Mining's Lone Tree Complex and Twin Creeks, and Barrick's Goldstrike high-grade ore body (discovered in 1986, producing since 1989, and with existing reserves of nearly 3 million ounces – having produced more than 560,000 ounces in 2004). Evolving Gold's Winnemucca property is approximately 30 kilometers from the historic Sleeper gold mine, once one of the Western Hemisphere's highest grade gold mines.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey website, Nevada accounts for approximately 64 percent of U.S. gold production and nine percent of the world's total gold production. The state of Nevada is the world's third largest gold producer, behind two countries: South Africa and Australia. The Battle Mountain-Eureka gold trend has produced more than 23 million ounces of gold over the past 30 years, second only to the Carlin trend. It is one of earth's premier hunting grounds for gold.

Welcome to Humboldt County, Nevada! Four gold producing mines reside in Humboldt County, including the Getchell, Marigold, Lone Tree and Twin Creeks mines. Dramatic discoveries of high grade gold deposits in the Battle Mountain-Eureka gold trend have significantly expanded the potential of this area. And that may explain why yet another gold deposit could be discovered in Humboldt County in the near future – this one may be at Evolving Gold's Winnemucca Mountain property.

One significant gold intersection during Evolving Gold's field program, anticipated later this year, might become a welcome holiday present for early investors who realize the potential of this company's story. Eight gold mines are within 25 miles of Evolving Gold's Winnemucca property; another 10 are within 50 miles. In a recent newspaper article, Dr. Lawrence Dick, Evolving Gold's Chief Executive, explained his company's mission, "We look for world class ore bodies in districts, which already have world class deposits." His decision to pursue drilling at the Winnemucca Mountain property makes sense in that context.

Comparable Mineralization

According to a Geological Report on the Winnemucca Mountain Property, published on January 20th of this past year, geologist Harmen J. Keyser wrote, "Known mineralization is typical of low-sulfidation epithermal sediment- and volcanic-hosted gold deposits found elsewhere in northern Nevada." Keyser cited examples such as the nearby Sleeper mine, which produced 1.68 million ounces of gold and 2.3 million ounces of silver between 1986 and 1996, and the Midas, which produced 3.7 million ounces of gold.

Geologically, the Battle Mountain-Eureka trend is defined by a northwest-southeast diagonal. If one were to plot the nearby gold mines along such a hypothetical geological line, one would instantly observe the Sleeper, Sandman, Ten Mile, Marigold and Battle Mountain along that northwest-southeast transverse.

In fact, there may be kinship between the former Sleeper gold mine and Evolving Gold's Swordfish zone. In an October 1989 monthly activity report, written for Santa Fe by geologist W.A. Hodges, "The Swordfish zone within the Winnemucca Mountain system is more continuously developed over a much greater thickness than is the Sleeper system." Evolving Gold director, and one of the company's geologists, Dr. Chris Osterman told us, "The drilling that's already been done has already suggested there is something worth looking at."

22 Juli 2013

Buying Jewelry For Your Business Part 1 Buying Gold Jewelry

Whether you presently own a retail or web based business and are looking for an additional profit center or you are thinking of starting a business, jewelry is a “no-brainer” choice for a proven product category. The buying public, (particularly women) never tires of jewelry as the choices in color, materials, finishes and styles are endless and innovations are continual. Every generation reinvents jewelry for itself in much the same way that it reinvents music and fashion. Styles change but the basic facts remain the same. If you are a seasoned professional, please consider the following a refresher course. To the new comer, use this information as a foundation for your ongoing jewelry education.

The Facts About gold Jewelry

The word gold, used by itself, means all gold or 24 karat (24K) gold. Because 24K gold is soft, it’s usually mixed with other metals to increase its hardness and durability. If a piece of jewelry is not 24 karat gold, the karat quality should accompany any claim that the item is gold.

The karat quality marking tells you what proportion of gold is mixed with the other metals. Fourteen karat (14K) jewelry contains 14 parts of gold, mixed in throughout with 10 parts of base metal. The higher the karat rating, the higher the proportion of gold in the piece of jewelry.

Most jewelry is marked with its karat quality, although marking is not required by law. Near the karat quality mark, you should see the name of the U.S. registered trademark of the company that will stand behind the mark. The trademark may be in the form of a name, symbol or initials. If you don’t see a trademark accompanying a quality mark on a piece of jewelry, look for another piece.

Solid gold refers to an item made of any karat gold, if the inside of the item is not hollow. The proportion of gold in the piece of jewelry still is determined by the karat mark.

Jewelry can be plated with gold in a variety of ways. Gold plate refers to items that are either mechanically plated, electroplated, or plated by any other means with gold to a base metal. Eventually, gold plating wears away, but how soon will depend on how often the item is worn and how thick the plating is.

Gold-filled, gold overlay and rolled gold plate are terms used to describe jewelry that has a layer of at least 10 karat gold mechanically bonded to a base metal. If the jewelry is marked with one of these terms, the term or abbreviation should follow the karat quality of the gold used (for example, 14K Gold Overlay or 12K RGP). If the layer of karat gold is less than 1/20th of the total weight of the item, any marking must state the actual percentage of karat gold, such as 1/40 14K Gold Overlay.

Gold electroplate describes jewelry that has a layer (at least .175 microns thick) of a minimum of 10 karat gold deposited on a base metal by an electrolytic process. The terms gold flashed or gold washed describe products that have an extremely thin electroplating of gold (less than .175 microns thick). This will wear away more quickly than gold plate, gold-filled or gold electroplate.

21 Juli 2013

SPQ Gold Assessment Testing

SPQ gold is the only psychometric application for diagnosis of sales call reluctance in the world
Successful sales call is often a manifestation of self-promotion. Experts say that salespeople, who can cheerfully hold forth on their abilities, are also capable to sell products and services. After all, if a person cannot sell himself, how can he sell a product? Yet the fact remains that for many deserving, motivated and loyal salespersons, self-promotion is emotionally difficult. SPQ gold testing is a proven tool that addresses the core issue as to how the problem of call reluctance can be tackled properly.

The fear of self-promotion is like a hidden enemy. When it takes a firm grip on salespeople, it exposes an emotional limitation on their part to initiate contact with prospective buyers. This is called sales call reluctance. If allowed to persist, it may result into significant erosion in a company's business. Since call reluctance exists only in the minds of salespeople, it makes sense to utilize an effective method like SPQ Gold testing to overcome the problem.

SPQ Gold testing refers to Sales Preference Questionnaire, the formal name of a test booklet, authored by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson. With the help of SPQ Gold testing, it is possible to identify the presence, nature and extent of what is known as Inhibited Social Contact Initiation Syndrome or ISCIS in salespeople and other personnel, who influence the salespeople. More than 300,000 successful applications of SPQ Gold testing worldwide testify its effectiveness to gauge the extent of call reluctance among salespeople.

SPQ Gold testing can be administered to anyone in contact-dependent work environment, including all salespeople, sales executives, senior sales managers, supervisors and trainers, and even human-resource personnel and psychologists. In short, all those who are either in sales or occupy positions of influencing salespeople, irrespective of hierarchy, are candidates for SPQ Gold testing.

What is it that SPQ Gold testing does? SPQ Gold testing detects and measures 12 types of call reluctance in the persons undergoing the test. The test-scores are measured via ROSE (Rapid On-site Scores & Evaluations), which is a proprietary multi-assessment computer-scoring platform for international use. Usually, scores are reported as simple percents. However, it is also possible to report SPQ Gold testing scores in more complex and informative standardized formats on demand. Soon, full Internet access and scoring will be available, which will make it easy to use SPQ Gold testing.

SPQ Gold testing is in use since the year 1980. Throughout these years it has been used in a series of studies with samples representative of many organizations and industries, coming as they do from a number of countries, notably United States, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, United Kingdom, Italy and South Africa among others. Little wonder therefore that SPQ Gold testing has, over these years, generated an extensively-researched body of results, which prove immensely beneficial to establish good concurrent validity in a variety of disparate organizational settings, correlating significantly with objective outcome data.

So, if your organization plans to cut short loss in business owing to cold call reluctance, there is no better way than SPQ Gold testing to help you out. Start today!

Sales skills assessments hold the key to evaluate and correct the strengths and weaknesses of sales force. Do your salespeople have skills to judge a selling chance and convert it into sale? Are they sincere in attending to buyers queries and concerns? Do they understand the process of closing sales in your company? How do they come across in first appearance when approaching a prospect? These are several other factors responsible for successful selling come to the fore in sales skills assessments.

There is often a toss-up between necessity of sales skills assessments and leaving it aside. While properly-formatted sales skills assessments would entail pressure on resources (in terms of time and money), many companies give it a go-by hoping to tide over any crisis, if and when that happens.

But such a crisis does not occur all of a sudden so that your second line of defense becomes immediately activated. In most cases, the disease of incompetent sales performance creeps in slowly, almost unnoticed till ultimately it is written all over. At that stage there is nothing much that can be done and no amount of disaster planning can come to rescue. It is for this reason that there is an increasing awareness for the need for sales skills assessments prior to hiring sales people.

Many sales organizations by default accept the inevitability of what is known as the 80/20 rule. As if this is something that is so sacrosanct that no effort can alter it. The 80/20 rule subscribes to the concept that 80% of all products and services are sold by just about 20% of the sales force. While in-depth industry-wide analyses have indeed proved so, it is nevertheless a wrong policy to succumb to it. Doing so would mean that sales skills assessments have no real value whatsoever.

On the contrary, sales skills assessments provide sufficient information and easy-to-follow indicators for evaluating sales people as they approach prospective buyers to explain and sell products and services. A perfect example is SPQ GOLD Sales Preference Questionnaire. This ubiquitous tool is a great help for business owners, consultants and executives to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of job-seeking sales persons before they are hired. How does SPQ GOLD help?

SPQ GOLD Sales Preference Questionnaire is a limited purpose self-descriptive instrument that can be used to effectively assess the presence, predisposition, and degree of sales call reluctance in candidates for sales positions. What is more, it also finds application to provide assessment-based support for training and developmental applications with current sales people.

Little wonder then that SPQ GOLD is considered today as one of the most validated applications for sales skills assessments. Its current applications are based on not less than 300,000 administrations internationally, making it the most widely used diagnostic instrument for conducting sales skills assessments in the world.

For more information on the SPQ Gold assessment, please visit

SPQ Gold and Sales Call Reluctance are registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press.

Richard Bonn is the owner of Awesome Web Marketing. For more information on Richard please visit

Timing forex camarilla pivot point signals for maximum profits!

how to get the most camarilla pivot point forex trading signals by trading currency pairs at key times for optimal profits. Many people have read my previous article on forex market key timeframe's to trade around and so far I am just covering a lot of conceptual stuff the simple ingredients to successful forex trading. Today we will put a forex signal together and show just how fun and easy it is to make forex profit. We will be working with forex flows and basics theory on how you can generate forex signals on the forex markets for fast easy profits!

I will be using our free software in this example located at and while there is a premium service for our forex signals I am going to layout a simple strategy using only the camarilla calculator provided in the software. No charts, NO tons of indicators just lots of simple trading theory in words you can understand that will get you in the flow of the market.

When developing some of the mechanics of our own trading we coined the term digital Intuition and work off the premise that there is truth in numbers. In this digital age it seems almost anything can be expressed in numbers so it should not be hard to believe that news, sentiment and even fundamentals can be factored into the numbers in a forex currency pair. Lets look at my 3 favorite keys to catching the forex flow and see how they can work together in a synergy building forex signals.

1. Time: I touched on this in my previous article on market timing but you want to be in the market positioned well during the most volatile points of the day.
You can never catch every pip but it is likely you will catch the most of a movement when the market is moving most. Timing your trades around when the market is cooking is a key ingredient to my recipe for profits in the forex market.

2. Price: OK have you ever heard the saying that "you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything". In forex trading this is very true. Let me explain what I mean more clearly. You have to be either close to support or close to resistance before you take action.

Support = You think the market is going to turn and trend upwards but if it has been broken you think a breakout is happening
Resistance = You think the market is going to turn and go down but again if it is broken you think a breakout is happening

Anywhere in the middle = I will fall for any trick the forex market throws at me because I am not positioned correctly.

3. Volatility: OK let me point out the last component for you. Get up and run as fast as you can at top speed around your neighborhood for this little experiment. Probably in a while you will get exhausted and eventually slow down to a brisk walk at best. The forex market or any market in my opinion is going to be the same way. Why because the market is composed of human beings ( but what about the automated trading Alfred )? Well who programmed automated forex trading ( human beings ) ? So you see after volatility you can expect a market to cool down and after long periods of no volatility you can expect a market to cook.

Putting it all together. Lets use these 3 keys to unlock a synergistic forex signal. Pull up a chart if you must on USDYEN April 24 - 26 of 2007. Now minimize that chart because in my opinion charts are great for showing you a visual of what is happening or what has already happened on the forex market but I don't use them for forex signals in the way most people do with all those indicators.

I want you to visit and download this software. The software is completely free and this is all that I will be using to setup this position. Once installed you will be using the camarilla pivot calculator. Let me touch on something here briefly and explain. The reason I am so big on Pivots is because they are a predictive indicator. Most indicators simply revolve around a linear representation ( drawings ) over the current market action. In order to draw anything you have to know the beginning and end points therefore most indicators in my opinion are not very useful especially for entry forex signals. Pivots give you hard numbers that everyone will see ( nothing left for interpretation ) and they try and predict pivotal points on the coming day's market. This lets you get a plan together in advance instead of jumping at a minutes notice when the market moves like 80 - 90% of forex traders.

OK lets plug in some numbers and let me show you an example of a forex signal at work. I spotted this trade with no indicators at all just completely using the 3 elements above and my simple camarilla Pivot calculator included free in the forex flows software.

Time: Firstly I am not even looking for a forex signal until at least 6:00GMT or later. I will sometimes start as Germany opens just to get the last little pips before the UK market opens and a run starts. That is it guys I did not touch the chart because one of my synergy components is time itself.

Price: OK now I plugged in all my numbers into the pivot calculator and saved 3 consecutive days worth of pivots. The pivot Calculator in forex flows has 10 slots available that you can label and it will show you 3 consecutive Central pivot points #1 is the oldest and #3 is the newest.

The 3 Central Pivots were
APR 24: 118.57
APR 25: 118.58
APR 26: 118.59
Camarilla Pivots April 26
H4 118.97
H3 118.81
H2 118.76
H1 118.71
L1 118.60
L2 118.55
L3 118.50
L4 118.34

So the central pivots are very slowly trending up. In fact they are moving to slow ( 1 point a day for the last 3 days ). Question:What will happen after this low Volatility most likely?
The market will start to cook

When or around what TIME will this most likely happen?
Answer: During one of my key timeframe's explained in earlier articles.

Where or at what price do you enter?
Answer: At 7:00GMT on April 26 USDYEN was trading
at 118.85 this is just above H3 on our Camarilla Pivot Calculator. Now here is where I want to point something out.
A: The last 3 days central Pivots were moving up
B: We had just broken H3 and comon Camarilla theory said that was EXTREME resistance.
C: The market opened modestly above Central pivot so I usually look for long positions on those days.

All these factors
Timing: Just after 7:00GMT market can move big in the next 3 hours
Price: We just broke H3 wich is extreme resistance so predicting a breakout is not a stretch especially since we have been slowly trending up 3 days prior.
Volatility: Central Pivots have been only 1 Pip each day for 3 days so the currency is prime for a breakout.

Now pull up your chart and Viola all our components worked together in a synergy to give us a forex signal at 118.85 and we could ride this breakout all the way up until
16:00GMT 119.51 for 66 Pips profits or $660 trading 1 standard lot. Again Time told us when to leave at 16:00GMT because if you read my other articles you already knew most of the action was over at 16:00GMT and we exit the forex market when most of the action is over. Notice I did not use any indicators but my simple Camarilla pivots and an understanding of the natural flow of the forex markets. This is why we call our forex signal software forex flows. I hope this has opened up some ideas for you guys about trading with synergy on your side and riding the natural flow of the markets.

20 Juli 2013

�How To� Start Trading The Forex Market? (Part 6)


Forex Price Charts, what DO they mean and HOW to use them?

Important numerous facts as discipline, trading rules, not being greedy etc., but one of the most important things is:

LEARN to read the charts as Charts represent the lifeblood of the market.

I admit that reading charts, and interpreting patterns, are more an art than a skill. Base and apply your entry and exit decisions on YOUR OWN combined methods of technical and fundamental analysis.

FOREX charts, are easier to interpret and to use. They reflect a slower moving, stable economy of a country, compared to the stock market, with its daily drama of company reports, Wall Street Analysts and shareholder demands.

Unlike stocks, currency charts do not spend much time in trading ranges and have the tendency to develop strong trends. Furthermore, forex with its 4 Mayor currencies is easier to analyze than tens of thousands of stocks.

(Mayor currencies are: USD/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF)

The complimentary FREE live charting software, with the ultimate cutting edge technology provided by, will be absolutely sufficient for you to analyze and watch any one currency pair. Understanding just a few basic points about the technical analysis of currency chart can lead to increased profit potential.

Pricing - Price reflects the perceptions and action taken by the market participants. It is the dealing between buyers and sellers in the Over-The-Counter (OTC) or “interbank” market that creates price movement. Therefore, all fundamental factors are quickly discounted in price. By studying the price charts, you are indirectly seeing the fundamental and market psychology all at once , after all the market is fed by two emotions - Greed and Fear – and once you understand that, then you begin to understand the psychology of the market and how it relates to the chart patterns.

Data Window Chart – FCM and most online charting stations, when you click on a price bar or candlestick, it will display a small box of data usually called a display window which will contain the following items:

H = Highest Price
L = Lowest Price
O = Opening Price
C = Close Price (or Last Price)

The most common types of price bars, used in FOREX trading, are the Bar Chart and the Candlestick chart:

Bars Charts -

Price bars are a linear representation (a line) of a period of time. This enables the viewer to see a graphic representation summarizing the activity of a specific time frame. As an example, I use 10 minutes, 60 minutes and daily time interval for my systems. Each bar has similar characteristics and tells the viewer several important pieces of information.

First, the highest point of the bar represents the highest price that was achieved during that time period. The lowest point of the bar represents the lowest price during the same period. Regular bars display a small dot on the left side of the bar which represents the opening price of the period and the small dot on the right side represents the closing price of the period.

Candlesticks - Japanese Candlesticks, or simply Candlesticks as they are now known, are used to represent the same information as Price bars. The only difference is that the difference between the open and close form the body of a box which is displayed with a color inside. A red color means that the close was lower than the open, and the blue color represents that the close was higher than the open.

If the box has a line going up from the box it represents the high and is called the wick. If the box has a line going down from the box, it represents the low and is called the tail.

Many interpretations can be made from these "candlesticks" and many books have been written on the art of interpreting these bars.

Chart Intervals & Time Frames:

A chart Time Scale & Period, or time frame, basically refers to the duration of time that passes between the OPEN and the CLOSE of a bar or candlestick.

For instance, with your broker software, you will be able to view a currency pair, in a 1-hour time frame over a 2-day period, 5-day period, 10-day period, 20-day period and 30- day period.

Most of the short-term time intervals (5-min and 1-min charts) are used for entry and exit points and the longer- term time intervals (1-hour and daily charts) are used to see where the general trend is.

Time Decay and Volatility Trading Opportunities

The terms "bull" and "bear" are often associated with vertical spreads. This leads most people to think of vertical spreads as directional plays, which is true. Vertical spreads can also be used to take advantage of two other potential trading opportunities - time decay and volatility movement.

Using Vertical Spreads to Take Advantage of Time Decay

If you are looking for a fully hedged way to take advantage of time decay, a vertical spread can be an excellent tool. It has a limited profit potential, but a limited loss scenario for both the buyer and the seller.

At-the-money options have more extrinsic value than their similar month in-the-money or out-of-the-money options. Since it is an option's extrinsic value that decays over time, you can set up a vertical spread by selling an at-the-money option and buying either an out-of-the-money option (creating a credit spread) or an in-the-money option (creating a debit spread). If the stock holds tight to the out-of-the-money option, the option's extrinsic value will decay at a faster rate than the in-the-money option or out-of-the-money option. This is because the at-the-money option has more total extrinsic value to decay in the same amount of time as the others.

Creating the vertical spread by selling an at-the-money option and buying an out-of-the-money or in-the-money option as a hedge looks like a good idea. Now, there are a couple choices. Should you do the put or call spread? Should you buy or sell it? You should base your decision of what to do on which way you think the stock will move. Although you are playing for time decay and you are assuming an overall lack of movement, you cannot expect the stock not to move at all. So even though you are playing time decay, you still want to form an opinion on in which direction the stock is most likely to move. Doing this, you have now given yourself another way of making the trade profitable. You are playing for a lack of movement but now you can still win if you pick the right direction. This scenario presents you with two ways to win and only one to lose.

Now that you have picked which at-the-money strike you are going to sell and you have picked your anticipated stock position, you still have a decision to make. Do you do the call vertical spread or the put vertical spread? Remember, both the vertical call spread and vertical put spreads allow you to participate in either stock direction. For the bulls, you can buy a vertical call spread or sell a vertical if you think that the stock will go up.

For the bears, you can buy a vertical put spread or sell a vertical call spread.

There are two choices to decide from for each direction. One is a purchase. The other is a sale. The best way to decide which one to do, other than your own style or comfort, is a simple risk/reward analysis. By selecting an at-the-money option to sell as part of a vertical spread, an investor can execute a time decay play with a hedged position.

Using Vertical Spreads as a Volatility Play

Vertical spreads are also usable as a volatility play. We stated earlier that an at-the-money option has more extrinsic value than other options in its expiration month. This is due to a number of contributing factors including time and largely volatility. An option's dollar sensitivity to movements in implied volatility is known as Vega. Obviously, an at-the-money option will have a higher Vega (volatility sensitivity) than an in-the-money or out-of-the-money option in the same month.

As volatility increases, the at-the-money option will increase in price to a greater degree than will an in-the-money or out-of-the-money option. As volatility increases, the at-the-money option will increase in price to a greater degree than will an in-the-money or out-of-the-money option with a lesser Vega.

Conversely, the at-the-money option will lose value at a greater rate than an in-the-money or out-of-the-money option should implied volatility decrease. The question is how to use the vertical spread to take advantage of anticipated movements in implied volatility. Remember, the vertical spread affords you the luxury of being hedged on either side of the trade - both as a buyer and as a seller of the spread.

If you think that implied volatility is likely to increase, you can set up a vertical spread by buying an at-the-money option and selling either the in-the-money or out-of-the-money option against it. If you feel that implied volatility will decrease, you can set up a vertical spread by selling an at-the-money option and buy either an out-of-the-money or an in-the-money option against it.

To set it up, you would follow the same guidelines for setting up a vertical spread to take advantage of time decay. Decide which direction you feel the stock would most likely move. If you feel it is likely to rise, you must decide between buying a vertical call spread and selling a vertical put spread.

Either way, the spread will have to be constructed with the at-the-money option being long if you feel volatility will increase or short if you feel volatility will decrease. If you feel the stock would most likely fall, you will have to decide between buying a vertical put spread and selling a vertical call spread. Either way, the spread must be constructed with the short option being the at-the-money.

As you can see, the vertical spread is not restricted to directional scenarios. It is very versatile allowing the investor several choices among a diverse group of potential uses. It also affords limited risk, albeit limited profit potential, to the buyer and the seller.

19 Juli 2013

Gold Plated Jewelry - How to identify

Costume Jewelry with any gold content has become of interest since the price of gold has increased. Gold plated jewelry is sometimes difficult to identify, since there are three basic groups of gold jewelry to learn.

Gold jewelry is 9k gold or higher, and may or may not be marked, depending on whether it is made in a studio, or in a large manufacturing plant. Gold filled jewelry was made in the 1950s and 1960s primarily, and it has more gold content than gold plated jewelry, and is often marked with 1/20 12k gf or similar marks. Gold plated jewelry has a layer of gold on the surface, and those who test gold with an acid test kit often find that gold plated jewelry will test gold, but is not.

Know the difference in these three categories when purchasing gold jewelry. There is a difference in value.

Identify gold plated jewelry by content marks:
Find identification marks on the jewelry. HGE is a common marking for gold electroplate. This is a gold plated jewelry. So is RGP or rolled gold plate, a mark often seen on vintage jewelry. Any gold overlay is gold plated jewelry, including vermeil (pronounced ver-may). Vermeil is gold plating over a sterling silver base, and this is fine jewelry, although the gold plating may wear over time.

Look for costume jewelry maker marks.
Know the costume jewelry maker names and look for these. Names like Napier, Robert, Kramer, Monet are not likely to be gold plated. Costume jewelry is often a base metal with a metallic coating that is not 9k gold or above, and probably is not gold at all. This is called goldtone jewelry.

Look at the corners and edges.
Check the jewelry with a loupe to see if there are worn areas on the corners or edges. This will frequently identify gold plated jewelry, because the top layer wears on the corners and edges, and reveals a different color or type of metal under that surface.

Test with an electronic gold tester.
Test questionable items with an electronic gold tester if they are not marked by content or maker. This will accurately identify gold plated jewelry, and the acid test kits will not. Acid test kits recommend scratching the jewelry to get past the surface layer, but good gold plated jewelry often tests gold although it is not. Identify gold plated jewelry before you buy--since it has lesser value than gold filled or karat gold jewelry.

18 Juli 2013

Forex Morning Trade Mark Fric Review

Please note, we traded this product for well over 3 months, recorded and reported all our results. Therefore, this review is not the same as others you may read. We do not simply re-print marketing text from a sellers website nor do we copy and paste affiliation sales material. Our reviews are carried out by traders with experience who have actually used the system, for over 3 months in this instance.


The product is defined in a brief introduction video. The system trades once a day, in the morning, and takes roughly 5 minutes to operate. The timing is 6:30am UK time. The vendor has been using the method for over a year "with very good results". A 130% profit from January 2009 to July 2010.

A Set & Forget mechanical strategy that simply trades Cable. Trade direction, Entry, Stop and Target are clearly defined, they are shown on the screen (a Meta Trader 4 (MT4) account is required to use the custom indicator provided). Trades are executed at the current market price if there is a signal and Stops & Targets are added immediately after.


As well as a 41 page guidebook, a MT4 template and indicator is provided.

Set up and configuration should take those having MT4 experience a few minutes or so.

English is not the author's native language however regardless of this the manual is quite well presented. It covers the system in detail and provides many examples. This actually is as straightforward as it gets with the indicator doing all of the decision making.


If you can get yourself out of bed at 6:30 UK time and have a Meta Trader 4 account you can do this. However, just because it's straightforward to trade that doesn't mean it's profitable. However our actual results to date have been more than reasonable:

- September - 7 winners and 5 losers, +80 Pips

- October - 8 winners, 2 losers and 4 break-even, +240 Pips

- Novemeber - 6 winners, 4 losers and 6 break-even, +50 Pips

So, an average profit of 6% a month over a period of 3 months. These results are in line with those issued by the vendor and it is unusual we have differences.

We will continue to observe this system and we are even considering it for our "Systems We Use" list in our year end review.We welcome everyone to read and comment on all our reviews and join in our free Forex trading Systems Review Forum.

17 Juli 2013

Characteristics Of The Best Forex System

Finding the best forex system that you may use to supplement your investment plan is not an easy task. After all, the field of forex trading is not a simple one as well. Despite the fact that it may be easy to understand the different key aspects involved, applying them in real life and using them in transactions is pretty daunting. Trillions of dollars are traded every day in the foreign currencies market, and losing an investment is easy as making a good amount of money out of a good transaction.

For this reason, traders often look for tools and equipment that they may use to increase their chances of winning in the field of trading foreign currencies. As a matter of fact, making money out of fx transactions relies heavily on a trader’s ability to choose the right tools that he will use in his trading career. For this reason, you should direct your efforts to finding a good forex system that you may use in trading fx. Here are a few things that you should look for in choosing the right system that will fit your skills and your preferences.

First, make sure that you look into the different claims made by system manufacturers, and compare them to various user reviews that you will be able to find on the internet. Of course, every single manufacturer would say that their product is the best. Stick to the one whose claims correspond to the reviews of their customers, in order to ensure that you will get what you will be paying for.

Next, find out what your main trading goals are. Since different trading systems are made differently, they will also help traders for different purposes. If you are failing to make the amount of money that you were expecting, then maybe, you are using the wrong forex system. Objectively assess your goals, in order for you to be able to choose the best forex system in the market.

Finally, find out whether the forex system that you have your heart set on will work well for you. More often than not, forex systems will offer you the use of a demo account. Make sure that you will be able to fully use a system before you enter a long-term contract.

Stock Market Trading the Wyckoff Method - Price and Volume Relationships

Wyckoff tells us that the most important thing that can be known about the action of a market or an issue is its trend. Step one of the Wyckoff Method indicates that the position of the action relative to the trend is also an important piece of knowledge. A third essential element in developing an analysis of the action is judging the character of the action. The character of the action is revealed by the relationship between the price action and the volume action. These relationships either make bullish statements or bearish statements. Each trading session makes one of these statements. Some are strongly bullish or bearish and some are more moderate. Occasionally, when the action is an especially sensitive point in its development, the character of the action on one particular day is seen as being so important in determining how developments are likely to unfold from that point forward that the day is frequently referred to as being a key day. However, most of the time, it is an accumulation of bullish or bearish statements over a succession of days that reveals whether a move in progress is likely to continue or if a change in direction is likely.

Each day, the price of the market or an issue is likely to move up or down on a close to close basis. It does so either in a price spread that is likely to be wider or narrower than the day before and volume that is likely to be either higher or lower than the day before. How these three variables group themselves together determines that character of the action for that day and whether it makes a bullish or bearish statement.

If the price spread for a day is wider to the up side leading to a strong close on increased volume, the advance is said to indicate demand entering. This action makes a bullish statement. If the same price action occurs on reduced volume, the advance is said to be the result of a lack of supply. This action also makes a bullish statement. If the price spread for a day is narrower to the up side, the action makes a bearish statement. If the narrower spread to the up side is combined with higher volume, the action is said to indicate the meeting of supply. If the volume is reduced, the action is said to indicate a lack of demand. Either combination tends to work against additional up side progress. That is why the statements made are considered to be bearish.

If the price spread for a day is wider to the down side leading to a poor close on increased volume, the decline is said to indicate supply entering. This action makes a bearish statement. The same price action on decreased volume is said to be the result of a lack of demand. It also makes a bearish statement. If the price spread for a day is narrower to the down side, it makes a bullish statement. If the narrower spread is combined with high volume, the action is said to indicate the meeting of demand. If the volume is lower, it is said to indicate a lack of supply. Either combination tends to work against additional down side progress. That is why it makes a bearish statement.

Sometimes there are days that start out as wide spreads to the up side, but end with poor closes. There can also be days that start out as wide spreads to the down side, but end up with strong closes. These days are said to include intra-day failures. These failures change the character of the action from what it might seem to be on the surface. A wider spread to the up side on increased volume makes a bullish statement because it indicates demand entering if the close is strong. However, if the close is poor, the indication is that the demand that was present initially was either withdrawn or overwhelmed by supply. In both cases, the intra-day failure changes the bullish statement to a bearish statement. However, being overwhelmed by supply is considered to be more bearish than is having demand withdrawn. Intra-day failures that occur to the down side on wide spreads and high volumes leading to strong closes change what would otherwise be bearish statements into bullish statements. In these cases, the indication is that either the supply was withdrawn or that supply was overwhelmed by demand. Demand overwhelming supply is said to be more bullish than having supply withdrawn. Trying to interpret the exact meaning of an intra-day failure can sometime be difficult if the action of the day is only looked at as a whole. Viewing the intra-day action can assist in determining where the bulk of the volume was present and that can help with the interpretation.

Knowing what statements the character of the action is making is especially important at and around primary buying and selling positions. Bullish statements tend to confirm the validity of buying positions while bearish statements tend to confirm the validity of selling positions. These confirmations help to reduce the emotional strain that frequently accompanies taking a position. Knowing whether the action is making bullish or bearish statements day to day after a position has been established and the price is moving in the desired direction helps the Wyckoff trader make a judgment as to whether the position is likely to continue moving in the desired direction and whether it should be held, exited or more securely defended.

Craig Schroeder is a 40 year student of the Richard D. Wyckoff technical trading method and veteran stock trader. In the 1970's, Craig and his partner purchased the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute and a few years later moved its base of operations to Phoenix, Arizona. Craig, who is considered an important market expert in technical trading circles, has also authored several books and publications about the Wyckoff trading method, including "Charting the Stock Market", and "The Wyckoff Method". He also produces the daily Pulse of the Market technical data report and the newsletter Trends and Trading Ranges that are used by Wyckoff students and technical traders worldwide. A library of articles about Wyckoff Stock Market trading methods are available for reading or download in Adobe Acrobat format. The web site offers a wealth of information about the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute and its many investment services.

16 Juli 2013

Understanding the trading halts day trading strategy

There are many day trading strategies and one that does not get much discussion is the trading halt strategy. The "trading halt strategy" is a day trading strategy that is used to indicate a buy long or sell short signal for investment opportunities that can take advantage of the substantial increase in volume and volatility of stocks with pending material news to generate extraordinary returns.

Day traders may place side bets as part of their trading strategies, using options to try to make quick gains on short term movements of a stock while the market tries to determine the long term trends of stock. For example, it is common that a material event may lead to a trading halt in stock. Most of the time the event is already announced by a company but the outcome whether positive or negative is not known. This occurs in biotechnology regularly where a company has completed a drug trial and is about to announce the results. It also occurs in the mergers and acquisition arena where there is a rumor that a company is in play to be acquired but prior to the announcement of an agreement to be acquired the stock of the company is halted. The stock of the company is halted prior to the announcement of the material news by the stock exchange in order to maintain a 'fair' and orderly trading market in the stock.

If the event has been pre-announced by a company then prior to that announcement that leads to a stock halt, day traders are in the market taking positions based on the expectation of a favorable or unfavorable outcome of the event. This is a short term event that usually leads to a significant increase in the volatility of the stock. The day trader's goal is to turn a quick profit shortly after the announcement. Timing is essential so it is critical to find out what stocks are halted and why so a day trader can determine if there is an opportunity to make a quick profit after the stock trading halt is lifted. What the traders are typically counting on is that the market will over react one way or they other depending on the outcome of the event that is disclosed after the trading halt. Since the market tends to over react to news, this means that prior to the results being announced there should be a short term spike or decline in the stock price with significantly increased liquidity in the market for the stock. Very shortly after the spike or decline, the trader will unwind their position at a profit. Since there is substantial liquidity because there are many people trade on the news, there is an opportunity to take significant positions without the concern that they will not be able to exit those positions or that the exit of position in the stock will affect the stock price.

There are several services that may assist a day trader in finding these opportunities. Some are paid services and some are free service with realtime or near real-time email or text message announcements of stocks that have become halted. As a day trader, the key task is getting in the position take advantage of the stock trading halts. Clearly some research and guts are necessary to take a bet on material non-public news before it is announced.

J.K. Wright is the founder of Prior to founding the Trading Halts news service, he was a corporate finance lawyer and has been a C-Level executive at several publicly traded companies. He has a law degree from Columbia University.

Wow Farm Gold- The Best Techniques

As you play World of Warcraft and learn the game to your full knowledge, you will need a lot of gold for the new epic armor or even for your professions. How do you make WoW gold fast and not take up to much of your time? Well, just say there is a WoW farm gold tip that we could give you. Although it may take a high level character but you can try at a medium level as well. Let's explain how to farm for gold in World of Warcraft online.

When starting the WoW farming process, you need to know what classes that's good for WoW farming. The class as a Paladin has always been used for WoW gold farming. Farming with a Paladin will be easy, because they have protection spells, healing spells and there consisted a healing tank. Warriors can do this, but like other classes they need a healer. Healing is important to the wow farming.

Gold farming consists of finding mobs that drop good items. You gather them as you walk into large spawns and do area attacks to kill them all at once.

One of the best places to go for farming is instances, because of the drop rate and the enemies gather easier. Doing lower level instances can get you rich with WoW gold fast, but don't go for the very low instances.

As you gather the enemies, you must have some sort of way to heal. The best class for farming would be the Paladin. The class has protection and healing at the same time. The spells also can help you deflect all damage or half damage. The seals can also help you with getting life as you hit.

When you go through this a thousand times, you will make gold fast and you will be happy with the gold you collect. The WoW farm gold tip we give you has been the tip since WoW has started.

You have the option with these tutorials to either follow along or to create your own strategy with the skills and strategies you've learned and start making gold on your own terms. Why wouldn't you consider buying these videos? No more need to wow farm gold. No more buying gold online or borrowing from guildies. With the WoW Auction House Mastery, you are now in control.

You are now able to get the things you want without having to wait until you're at level 80. These videos are specifically designed to help you learn the strategies you need to start, and keep, making gold, allowing you to fully enjoy WoW.