28 Oktober 2013

World of Warcraft Skinning - How to Make Gold From the WoW Profession Skinning

WoW Skinning can provide real WoW gold profits. I consider it one of the best noob Professions if you want to make gold early in the game. Yes, it can be time consuming, but if you play your Wow cards right, you can begin to stock up on gold early on.

Skinning demands you have some serious bag space right off the bat. So the first thing you need to do is invest a small amount of time or gold getting some bags. This is because WoW skinning is definitely a Gathering Profession that will occupy a lot of time on the field. Let's go over that for a second. You skin by hunting, that takes time, especially at the lower levels, once you get a good skin or hide, then you usually have to create leather by using Leatherworking recipes, either by you or someone in your guild, again, more time. So clear those bags, get some food and water, take a few potions because you'll be on the field for a while.

The good thing about the WoW Skinning Profession is that you make gold as you level up. How? Simply be doing what I told you above. Carry enough stuff to be on the field for a while, and empty those bags because you are going to be stocking up on some skins and leather. For instance, if your on a quest, you will find that it's very easy to level up your Skinning Profession along the way simply by finding and killing the skinnable wildlife you find along the way, just make sure you get a list of the wildlife you need to be hunting before you go on a quest. Cool huh!

Now for those pesky scraps! Don't discard those scraps just because you think they might not bring in some gold. Quite the contrary. For instance, just because your getting Knothide leather scraps instead of leather doesn't mean you can't make a tidy profit. How? Find a Leatherworker that has the skill to turn those scraps in full blown Knothide leather pieces. You can trade or buy or give some valuable information for the work. You should also keep your eyes open for those special leather drops, such as Clefthoof Leather.

World of Warcraft Skinning Profession can bring in the gold if used properly. Get creative while leveling up or questing. Also think of what other Profession will compliment Skinning to further expand your WoW gold profits. Good luck.

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