29 Januar 2014

Forex Trading Risk Management

Recent years we witnessed increasing numbers of forex investment opportunities in United States. However, it is common that one afraid of being involved in forex market because of high risk in this trading field. Although every capital market involves certain level of risk, the risk of loss in foreign currency trading market can be extensive. It would be wise to learn about the potential risk (and managing it) if you wish to trade in Forex market.


Needless to say, knowledge is the key of handling your risks well. Before you get into Forex market, the best thing you should do is educate yourself. What drives currency price movement? How to read analysis data? How to read chart indicators? Learn detail about how currency price move and how to trade foreign currency exchange in order to avoid unnecessary risks. If you wish to learn more, http://www.golearnforex is a good source for Forex beginner education.

Forex dealer

Choosing the right FX dealer is a way to avoid unnecessary risks. Forex dealers are not all regulated the same way. Although Forex dealers must be regulated by law, firms and individuals can solicit retail accounts for Forex dealers and manage those accounts without being regulated. As a trader you should take up the responsibility of finding out if your Forex dealers are regulated. If they are not, you may be exposed to additional risks.

Also, beware of dealers with investment schemes that sounds too good to be true. Pay extra cautions to dealers that you first knew and always look into the investment offers. If you are from United States, you can always refer to CFTF (at or NFA (at for further information.

Forex market is a non-centralized market. There is no common market place for Forex traders and there is no so-call 'standard' in foreign currency exchange price. Different Forex dealers offer very different deals to their customers. As an individual FX trader, you depends solely on the dealer to make a transaction in your trades, thus picking up the right dealer is extremely crucial in your risk.

Stop loss order

Besides depending on the Forex dealer, a stop loss come very handful if you wish to limit your risks. Always trade Forex with a stop loss order as it will assure you to exit market in a price that you can handle the losses. As an example, if you purchase 100k of EUR/USD at 1.2050 expecting the EUR/USD to rise in value, and your stop is placed at 1.2020, you are guaranteed to be filled at your price (except in very volatile market.)

To leverage or not?

One way to manage your risks well in Forex market is to trade without overleveraged. Forex dealers want you to trade with high leverage values as this means more spread income for them. Also, trading in high leverage may increase your profit or your losing. There are high possibilities that one lose money more than he or she can afford in margin trading.


You come to this article probably because of you are new to FOREX and were looking for some readings on the Internet. To be frank, Forex can be very profitable but the risk lie beneath is equally great. But what else in life does not involve risk? You can be fired from your job, factory may malfunctions, stock market may collapse, your boss may runaway with your wages, and hey! These are all risk. Learning in risk management is the key to handle your life.

Trade smartly, and gain the maximum out of Forex - good luck!

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