25 Mai 2013

Is A Great Work at Home Opportunity?

Working at home is a great way to earn extra money - it can provide the flexibility of being on your own schedule. However, there are a lot of work at home jobs that are not what the outward appearance seems to be. Below is an review to help you decide if it's right for you....

Positives of

-Mike Gallagher is a respected talk show host especially with conservatives and he not only speaks on the site but he also has his picture on the site. This puts his name and face in the spotlight promoting People that have gained popularity over years of hard work normally enjoy keeping their popularity, so I would hope he researched this opportunity before deciding to put his name and face on the home page.

-The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating on the site of is an A+. A high rating with the BBB makes the opportunity look safe and reliable.

Negatives of

-There is a free trial offer that will allow you to look into this work at home opportunity for two weeks without any fees (except for shipping of the "Home Business Training Package" for $9.95). If you read the fine print, however, you'll notice that your card will automatically be charged an additional $39.95 after 14 days.

-There is not enough information on the site. If it were I looking at this opportunity I would question what this company really does. There are a few quotes from active members and within the quotes there are no mentions of what type of business a prospective marketer would be involved with. I'd like to know what I'm selling going into a new venture. Once again, if you read the fine print, you'll see that this is really a lead into Herbalife International, a well-known MLM.

-Mike Gallagher, a quite well know talk radio host speaks about on the site. Mr. Gallagher, of course, gives a quick positive testimonial about the site as well as promoting being your own boss. Listening to this Mike, however, still leaves me with the same questions...

What does this company do, what are they looking for in a prospective marketer, and how exactly someone would make money with their opportunity?...

-I was skeptical about the BBB giving this company a great rating so I looked into this a little further. The BBB gave an A+ to Online Business Systems, not The company with the A+ rating has the rights to sell to distributors (such as Income at Home). The distributors are not considered A+ or even BBB accredited. The individual distributors would have to apply to obtain their own rating from the BBB.

In conclusion, I would not be interested in this particular work at home opportunity due to the fact that traditional MLMs are a bit outdated. There are a lot more viable ways to make money leveraging the power of the internet. The days of cold calling and harassing your friends and family are dead, taking MLM opportunities like Herbalife along with them.

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