23 Mai 2013

JK Ellis

Silent Subliminal Audio Creator Software

Of all of the various self-improvement resources I make available, one of the most popular and one of those which I receive many questions and requests about are products for achieving altered states of consciousness and accessing the infinite powers of t... Read >

18 Ways To Join The Illuminati

The idea of a secret cabal of mysterious forces that make up the Illuminati has for some a "romantic" appeal. Granted that appeal may be filled with fear but it's a concept they hold on to in spite of reason. Most of the Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists (... Read >

10 Ways to Build a Cult Like Following

10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following By JK Ellis Author of Mind Control 101 Recently I was contacted by a very successful Internet marketer who asked me what I would suggest to someone who wanted to create a cult-like following. This is right ... Read >

How to Apply Illuminati Control In Everyday Life

Whether the Illuminati exists or not is not something that will be argued in this article. Instead let's take all that is rumored about The Illuminati and extrapolate rules that anyone can learn and apply into their lives to gain more and more control. ... Read >

Rapport vs. Compliance: How to Get A Completely Compliant Prospect

There is a lot of talk in the persuasion and NLP community about rapport and how to gain it. Yes, it is absolutely true what they say that "With rapport anything is possible and without it nothing is possible." Plenty of trainers have dedicated a LOT o... Read >

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