21 November 2013

Gold Panning Methods That Can Be Rewarding

Any normal individual who does not know anything about panning for gold can do easy gold panning methods. But were you aware that there are methods for gold panning that require intricate processes?

Standard Panning Method

Part of gold panning methods requires the use of standard pans with a diameter measuring sixteen inches and depth measuring 2.5 inches. Some may prefer smaller pans, particularly for noobs, to simply spot the small bits of gold pieces compared to bigger pans.

However, bigger pans are used when attempting to scour a large area of gravel to be panned. Others may use iron pans because iron turns blue when heated. The gold bits, having a bright luminous yellow color will be simply seen.

A professional gold "panner" having the accuracy and speed can pan up to one cubic yard in a day - only thru the use of gold pan, heater and tweezers. To extract more gold, some folks adopt their own methods. The strategy discussed above is employed when the gravel is wet. On the other hand, if it is dry, some may use the elements mercury and magnetite. Since the systems are elaborate, when gold pieces are few, it may not be worth all the hard work.

The Potato Method

One of the simplest methods is the "potato method." this strategy uses the potato plant in extracting the gold. When the procedure uses mercury, the potato is suited to get rid of this component. Potato can soak up the mercury and the leftover from the mercury-black, sand-gold amalgam will be gold itself. Others may use the nitric acid to wash away the mercury through heating the water with the amalgam.


Another strategy is to dispose of the mercury through the vaporization, which is called "retorting." it employs a pipe-shaped material where the amalgam is placed on one end and the other end is heated.

Depending on the selected gold panning methods, ensure that it is done thoroughly and efficiently. Always take care to respect and preserve the environment in which you are panning. And to guarantee you've got a successful experience, always use the right gold panning tools.

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