30 November 2013

New Network Marketing Business Yes or No Way!

Some new network marketing style opportunities are taking the internet by storm. These new systems offer very low cost investment and provide a complete turnkey home based business. The products offered are real world useful products that have an actual value far beyond the cost of admission. The commission scales are designed so that you can easily and quickly recoup your investment and begin to make huge commissions with in just days of becoming a member.

There are systems that claim No selling No Phone Calls No family and friends to invite to parties. The products include so many unbelievable things loads of software, online training, marketing tools, and lessons the list goes on and on.

So the questions is do they deliver? I think the simple answer here is “That depends”

I have become involved in a couple of these systems. Mainly for what it is that they are offering more than the promise of instant wealth. One of the big ones I am involved in has a product called The Ultimate Marketers Tool Kit. This system has taught me more about marketing then what I have learned in the last 7 years trying to make money on the internet. There is over $2000.00 worth of audio training E-Books and Software on information marketing, selling strategies, advertising, and internet marketing. This alone has been worth 5X’s the price of admission. It was the best money I have ever spent dollar for dollar. This is a product I can stand behind and feel good when I sell. If I can make an extra $500.00, a sale while I am doing it so be it.

Think about it if I was to go to trade schools to try to learn everything this system can teach me it would cost me thousands of dollars and take me years to learn. I am not saying I can learn it through osmosis now but being involved in the system, I have a ready need for it. I can market and sell the product. This will motivate me to learn it faster. I am getting hands on real world training. I guess I could of went to trade schools to learn it, then try to apply it in the real world and find out I wasted all my money on a piece of paper and now I have to actually learn what they claimed they were teaching me and charged me thousands of dollars for. You should get my pointÂ…

In my case, the product alone delivered ten fold of my investment. As for the instant wealth, well let’s just say it has not been instant but I am well on my way.

These are magnificent opportunities for anyone. There is very little out of pocket expense and you get a turnkey home based business. There are plenty of midsized companies networking right now Direct TV, Mark Kay, Longeberger, Simply Tasteful, the list can go on. Most of these still have dismal commission structures.

I think the main reason people have a huge problem with network marketing is the stigma that was created from days of old with Amway, Shacklee and a lot of the others where only the people at the top levels make the money. Some of the new ones out now a days offer commissions up to 100% per sale, guaranteed qualifying, You’ll only need 2 sales on the good ones to become qualified. After that, you are eligible for full commission. From every sale after and all of your down lines first two as well.

I was recently asked why legitimate businesses IE fortune 500 companies or brick and mortar businesses do not use a network marketing business model. My take on it is they already do and have been for years. They call their marketers salespeople and they pay them a crappy salary or commission. Think about it they are being paid to sell a product for a company. Sounds like network marketing to me. Fortune 500’s type’s waste a ton of money on advertising and their corporate salaries, jets, fancy hotels, ETC. With a network marketing business, model the marketer, or affiliate takes the hit on advertising if he chooses to. Big businesses are going to have to change their ways soon. Today’s advancements in day-to-day lifestyles TIVO and such, is making it harder and harder for them to effectively advertise.

These new style systems still allow the higher up’s to make more money like a corporate head would. While allowing the newer marketer to replace his investment and start making a noticeable amount of money in just a few weeks, depending on how hard he works. Look at some business statistics. 90% of small business fail It cost over $100,000.00 to start any brick and mortar type business which are losers for the first 5 years if they succeed 5 years at all. Did I mention over 90% fail?

So for a small fee you can have a home based business that can be worked as much or as little as desired. Can be worked from home in spare time to supplement your current salary or you could go full tilt and try to make it your life. This business has everything one needs to succeed. It has proven and has tested formulas that work. It is going to teach what one needs to know not only to be successful but valuable life lessons that can be applied for the rest of your life. Get this they are going to pay you as well.

This is a no brainer! You will only not succeed if you don’t apply your self.

People claim that network marketing business come and go and they are all scams. They are here today gone tomorrow and only the top level people make any money. Do you think your brick and mortar business will last forever? Small businesses are closing every day. If the company I am involved with goes away in a few years so be it I will feel bad but I will know 90% of the people below me did not loose their retirement, medical or everything they worked the last 20 years for. Just to be tossed out on the road by some corporate head from Ford or such that has no loyalty to its employees. We made our money while it was going strong hopefully we invested it well and can live off it until we find the next wave.

Bottom line businesses fail everyday from large brick mortar type to MLM and such. There is no difference in my mind. Only difference here is I have the ability make very large sum of money while this one is running strong. At Ford, all I can make is a salary. In my own brick mortar type business I would have way too much too lose and a long hard road to success. If I make it, I still could loose it all by some Wal-Mart type coming into my town 8 years from now.

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