04 Juni 2013

Learn interest-cancellation strategy from

The United First Financial Money Merge Account is optimum for such a wide variety of users because its myriad of uses. The Money merge Account available at can meet the needs of individuals that are just getting started in their financial life all the way to older people looking for a bit of financial comfort and safety.

The Money Merge Account offered by United First Financial enables home owners to get out of mortgage debt up to three times faster, cutting out those excessive interest charges that simply make the banks richer and push your financial freedom into the distance.

The system can be utilized in just a few simple steps. Consumers must have an open-end interest equity line of credit. It must be able to be utilized like a checking account. The Money Merge Account system available at ties together your bank account, the equity line, and your mortgage. Every time you then make a deposit into your account, the system coordinates a payment on your mortgage. Every extra payment on your mortgage lowers the amount of interest charged on your mortgage.

Many mortgage holders will admit that they cannot afford larger or extra mortgage payments. With the Money Merge Account at , no extra mortgage payments are necessary, as you will simply be combining financial accounts to make your money work for you! There is no lifestyle change that must be met in order to utilize this system and repay your mortgage up to three times faster. Unlike most debt consolidation, debt pay down, or biweekly payments out there, the Money Merge Account uses every penny you already spend or deposit to help save you money in the long term.

Skyler Witman and John Washenko began researching, developing, and expanding upon the Money Merge Account in 2002. In the past, Skyler and John had been offering their customers bi-weekly payment plans and debt reduction programs, but they knew there had to be a better way. Millions of dollars were invested in research and testing as well as advanced information technology developers.

As the Money Merge Account grew in popularity due to its reliability, functionality, and just plain good sense, Jonathan Bonnette, Matt Lovelady, Don Jorgensen, and Steve Smith were brought into the mix to assist in further product development and marketing. They formed United First Financial. They continue to provide valuable, sound economic advice to customers and consumers across the country so more people can experience the better lifestyle total financial freedom can provide.

In order to start making your money work for you through the Money Merge Account, Skyler, John, and the rest of United First Financial have developed five easy steps to the system:

1. Fill out the Money Merge Account application at

2. Activate your Money Merge Account at

3. Deposit your paycheck into your current bank account

4. Pay your bills with your Money Merge Account at

5. Follow any prompts or advice the Money Merge Account system gives you to further reduce interest, increase savings, and pay off your mortgage quicker

You may learn more about the Money Merge Account and United First Financial at .

Money Merge Account for quicker mortgage payment at

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