02 Juni 2013

What Does "Your Job is Your Credit" Mean?

In this troubled economy, one thing showing up to help customers with low credit are Your Job is Your Credit car lots which offer in-house financing to customers who wouldn't be able to get an ordinary car loan from a bank or credit union due to a troubled credit history. With these lots, it is possible to get a car no matter what your credit history. Typically all they require is proof of income from a job, and the lot will be willing and able to make a car loan accordingly.

Your Job is Your Credit dealers are often very similar to any other dealership as far as vehicle selection is concerned, but provide a valuable service by giving customers a way to build their credit. When going to one of these lots, it is fair to expect a few questions about your job and you may be asked to provide documentation before driving out of the lot. Because of this, it is advised to call any lot in advance so that you can have the papers ready and drive out in a new car without the hassle.

This type of financing is suitable for many people, including:

  • Students who have student loans

  • People who have just turned 18 and haven't had a chance to build credit

  • People suffering from the downturn in the economy

  • Anyone with past credit problems

As long as a customer is sufficiently employed, Your Job is Your Credit car lots give a great opportunity to not only have a reliable source of transportation, but to build up a level of credit -- that is, as long as the lot reports loans to the credit bureaus. If you want build your credit, please discuss this with them, as some lots do report to the credit bureaus and some do not.

Building or rebuilding credit is important, as it is often very difficult to get any type of loan if you have a poor credit history or no credit at all, and good credit of course allows you to get more loans at better rates in the future. Overall, these lots provide a valuable service to a rising segment of the public who suffer from poor credit history.

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