02 Juni 2013

Tax Depreciation Mobile Home Park - the things you need to consider

Investing in mobile home parks is a great opportunity.There is a 27.5 years period for Tax depreciation mobile home park. If you add some improvements to your property, the depreciation period could decrease to 15 years.Mobile home parks could give you big profit.Warren Buffet, the famous millionaire, invested millions in mobile home parks.So, are you considering to invest now?

Owning your land makes home mobile parks a very good idea.This would decrease potential costs since it is faster and easier to set-up your home mobile rather than renting a vacant land.

You can set a rent of $300 per month and can set-up 50 mobile homes or more.Then you'll have a gross income of $180,000 per year, deducting costs which are only 20 to 30% of the total income.Money earned isn't a joke right?

Is rent the only income from the investment?. Income would also come from the appreciation of your land and the property.Well, this is a great scenario of gaining income.Though the first few years of operation wouldn't let you feel the value but in the future, the prices of your properties would definitely increase. So, if you opt out of the investment and decided to sell the properties; you still gain from the sale a big amount of profit.

Investments in mobile homes are steady. A $3,000 barrier are charged to tenants if they opt to leave the home.And the amount isn't small.Most tenants wouldn't give up that much just to leave for unnecessary reasons.Tenants would practically opt in staying with mobile homes because of the inexpensive rent.If they choose to move and leave their mobile homes.A barrier of $3,000 will be fined.With this, you are significantly benefited.

Tax depreciation mobile home Parks is another advantage, if your investment lasts for many years.Then this would be very beneficial especially in the long-run.Taxes are big expenses that we pay; wouldn't it be a dream to get our taxes decreased over time? Indeed, it is.

There is no problem maintaining your mobile home park.Since maintenance is the obligation of the tenants as they live in it.Hence, these are minimized costs on the investor's part.Allowing investors allocate a budget for preserving the entrance and the park.

With the limited attention required for mobile parks, you are in control of your time.It does not necessarily need concentration on managing.This means that you can divert your time and effort to other things; your job, family, or other investments.

Rent is also affordable unlike apartments and single-unit homes.Apart from your income, you also benefit the whole people because of it is very affordable.You actually help your tenants through the affordable rents of mobile homes.

Invest in mobile home parks as it is a great opportunity.Andtax depreciation mobile home park is one key you will gain in the years to come.

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