25 Februar 2014

Advantages of Real Estate Investment in Uganda Compared to Other Business Opportunities

Do you want to start business in Uganda; have you planned what type of business you would wish to start Uganda? I’m happy to tell you that nothing compares real estate business investment in Uganda.

If you are among those People who need to invest their money in something tangible in Uganda Don’t hastate to think about real estate in Uganda.

By investing in Uganda real estate, you can know that your savings are secure and you and you will have a concrete proof of where your savings went. After that, it then becomes an asset that can be kept for a lifetime. And by the way, you can even pass this property to your children and grandchildren if you wish to keep the property.

Uganda business men and other investors will agree that investing in real estate is also a good way of earning money. Remember that in future the value of this property will increase and as the value of properties appreciate moving forward, which always happens, there is every opportunity to gain profits when you decides to sell that property or home.

In Uganda, prices of real estate properties is always affordable especially those properties that are far from the city. Although property investment is good, you should always mind about the prevailing price and market conditions of the area you are targeting. If you want a good deal on real estate investment in Uganda, you should understand the current trend in home prices; analyze the future market prospects of that property before taking steps towards obtaining a mortgage loan

While certain towns in the Uganda are still behind in terms of property and real estate investment, there remains to be bigger towns that enjoy strong economies. Because of their favorable market condition and vibrant economy, and these towns have become ideal places to invest and live in. These include Kampala City, Entebbe Town, Jinja Town, Mbarara, Town, Gulu Town, Fort Portal Town and many others towns in Uganda.

Notwithstanding the availability of affordable properties and homes in these towns, other factors that contribute to their being considered as best places to invest and live are the presence of quality schools , labour and market.

You can go for properties that are on sale but again, be wise enough to take the proper actions. These include finding a land or property in a strategic location, gathering information about comparable properties that have recently been sold within the vicinity of the property you're targeting to buy, consulting a real estate agent and inspecting the condition of the property first through the help of a professional inspector if it has access to water and electricity. I’m sure all these steps will help you make a guided decision and avoid regrets later on.

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