12 Februar 2014

Option Trading Software -

The Wizard covers over 3,000 stocks including the Dow Jones Industrial Average, an index of thirty of the biggest and most widely held public companies in the US. The Wizard also covers 600 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in different categories such as market capitalization and asset class. They have a variety of product offerings for whatever investment style and market you choose. With The Wizard, simply view their subscription packages and start your portfolio the right way.

Their property trend indicators offer long and short term trends for various markets that include DJIA 30, BSG trend, Russell 2000, the U.S dollar and 10 year treasury. The Wizard also covers a total of eighteen different currencies as such EURCAD, EURGBP, GBPJPY and AUDJPY. The Wizard allows you to browse stocks in their database of industries and sectors.

Signals are available for both weekly as well as daily timeframes. You will get precise entry and exit signals. Both the conservative and aggressive scan methods are available. Conservative scan offers specific profit targets for every trade. Aggressive scan holds the whole position until it is reached. If you choose an industry and sector which is bright, then any kind of trading becomes easy. The Wizard picks out penny stocks as well as it picks out the higher price stocks.

Option trading software is one of the more powerful software available to traders. If you want current detailed information for option trading, then The Wizard is your best bet. The advanced option calculator lets you explore which combinations have positive mathematical expectations. It also calculates implied volatility and Greeks, as well as creating a profit/loss graph of your option’s position.

Stock chart Wizard downloads existing stock market data for your individual stocks. It can even display technical charts and significant indicators. It includes easy to use watch lists along with a useful spreadsheet and user friendly interface. With the help of this stock trading software, it becomes very easy to know when to buy, sell or get out of the market. This software applies screening formulas to a vast population of stocks. Day trading software is unique software that is used to search for information and execute your trades.

Online stock trading software is a great investment tool that can handle all your trading tasks. Stock picking software is also useful for helping you dig through information on many different stocks before making your decisions. It is able to find new stock investing opportunities in seconds.

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