15 Februar 2014

Dxinone E-currency Trading Reviewed

By now you may or may not have heard of the e-currency exchange program that is run by Dxinone. Dxinone has been around for the past 4 years and is still going strong making many people wealthy who take advantage of their e-currency exchange program.

The e-currency exchange program is an elaborate system that enables users to act as a Dxgold merchant who is able to process transactions for other users who wish to move money from one online currency to another. Where is the catch in this elaborate currency exchange system? There is none, due to the fact that thousands of people worldwide need to move money from one e-currency to another on a daily basis. In the e-currency exchange program, the user acts as a merchant temporarily making their funds available for literally 15 seconds so that funds can be exchanged. In return the merchant gets their principle back, plus a 6% fee of the amount he or she was able to process.

Most people like to think of e-currency trading as both a trading platform and an investment. The investment side is where most people start while building their portfolio within the system. Portfolios receive an average gain of anywhere from .3% to .5% daily. On a $1,000 investment, this easily turns into $1150 just after one short month.

Aside from the portfolio building, users can participate in the actual transactions of funds through what is known as a console. The console side of Dxinone is where the user can actually process outxchanges for other users and collect a nice fee in return. Dxinone recently made it so that a users minimum portfolio value must be USD $5,000 in order to run a console. The reason for this was that it gave more time for new investors to learn how to use this system so that when they actually received a console they knew how to process outxchanges.

There are many courses online that will show you how to trade effectively in the e-currency exchange program. You will find these courses ranging anywhere from $300 on up to $700. I have personally tried reading forums and sitting in chat rooms, but I became frustrated and tired of the delayed responses. Each program has its benefits, but I personally learned from a program that offered video tutorials, phone support and a step-by-step set-up system.

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