18 Februar 2014

How to Approach MLM Network Marketing Leads with the Consultative Approach

When you’re approaching your mlm prospect you have to honestly ask yourself, “If I were approached in this way, how would I respond?” If you have an uneasy feeling about the answer to that question then chances are you’re being a sales stereo-type in your mlm prospecting. Why is it that most people hate sales? Because they fear either being approached by or being the stereo-typical salesperson. You know the image, the plaid coated snake who manipulates you into a buying decision that really isn’t a good fit for what you’re looking for.

So if you’re feeling that way about your approach to your mlm leads then chances are you’re not using a consultative approach. What’s the difference? Well basically a consultative approach encompasses the idea of focusing on the prospect and the prospect’s wants and then working together to find out if what you have to offer is a fit for the prospect. When approaching the prospect, ask questions geared toward finding out what your prospect wants. What are their goals? How did they arrive at these goals? Who supports them in their decisions and actions? Ask about how they’d like to see themselves 90-days, 6 months, and a year down the road. After this, help the prospect to search for options as to how they can attain those goals. Obviously the prospect understands that your end goal is to recruit them or make the sale if there’s a fit. Don’t try to hide that you are looking for a win-win here. However, don’t cheat the prospect out of searching for feasible solutions that do and do not include you. As these options become apparent, you can work with the prospect to share how what you have to offer can truly be a fit for the prospect if you feel that is the case.

You want to hone in on you and your mlm company as a feasible alternative by sharing with the prospect what differentiates you and your company from other opportunities out there. Your prospect is interested in how your MLM or network marketing Company can help the prospect. You have to be specific as to how you are different and how that difference is relevant to your prospect as an individual based on the information you gathered in the beginning of this process. When you do this you build a relationship that 97% of network marketers out there today are not bothering to do. In essence, this creates a sustainable competitive advantage for you. Think again from the standpoint of your prospect, what would I do if someone contacted me in this way? What if someone contacted me (given that I am actually looking into an MLM or network marketing Company) and took the time to understand me in this way and then relate that understanding to how their opportunity could help me as an individual? Right, that’s a big difference from the initial feeling most people have about how they’re currently approaching their leads or prospects.

All of this works under a few assumptions.

Tip 1- Have a way of contacting prospects who want to be contacted. A great system for filtering through to the right people is to have a system like Power Filter Page in effect. Essentially, when you sit down to work in your business you are contacting those that actually want to hear from you. This should also take the horrible feeling of cold calling out from the pit of your stomach as well. MLM or Network Marketing isn’t magic and it does require work, however you can choose to work smart with a lead filtering system.

Tip 2- Qualify your prospects. Before taking the time to develop the relationship be sure that the prospect does in fact have the time, money, and desire to work with you. If not, you’ll both get frustrated and results will suffer. When initially contacting the prospect, be sure to ask questions relating to this.

Tip 3- Posture yourself as a professional. When you don’t sound desperate that definitely separates you from the majority of multi-level marketers out there. Avoid creating the impression that anyone can just join your business at anytime. Be selective and let the prospect know that your time, money, and effort will be invested in those who qualify and join your team. Make your prospect want that opportunity because if they’re properly qualified, you should in fact be spending that time with the new distributor.

As an MLM or Network Marketing Distributor it’s your responsibility to recruit into your business because that leads to long term profitability and leverage. This process doesn’t have to be the most painful thing out there. Speaking with prospects who have requested information from you specifically is a great foundational building block for you and your organization to implement immediately. With a prospecting filter in place, the relationship building strategies referenced become much easier.

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