11 März 2014

E Currency Exchange, DXinOne Scam ??

I wasn't going to weigh in the scam articles and angles regarding E Currency Exchange, but I felt I had to because of a couple of emails I received.

One was from a rather frustrated gentleman regarding the DXinOne system that is promoted and utilized via the many E-Currency Exchange learning programs on-line. This guy is certain that the DX system is a scam and that the well known e-currency guru with whom he signed on to learn the system, basically jerked him around. I won't use the term he used.... I really felt this guy's frustration, and completely understand it! Many of us just want to find what works, build it, and make some money. The money is, after all, out there to be made! And, E-Currency exchanging makes sense; as the E-Commerce industry is burgeoning globally, so goes E-Currency trading, right?

Another gentleman sent this email to me:

"Sweetie, I have seen this before and also read an article that it was a SCAM! Why do you portray it to be legal? I will be praying for you."

While I don't believe this man is genuinely concerned for me, I do get the sense that he got caught up in all of the back and forth hype about E-Currency. All you have to do is just Google E Currency and jump into the rabbit hole. There's a never ending stream of information, much of it contradictory. You can read one review, believe it's a scam and walk away satisfied that you didn't buy in. Or, you can read another, feel positive and buy into it.

The problem with some of these "Learn E-Currency Exchange" opportunities is that they present the trading of E-Currencies as an easy, quick "investment" opportunity, a sure thingÂ… and the more you can invest, the more you can make. But the DX system claims to be a "credit and storage system" not an "investment scheme" - their words. The money is always in your account and the DX simply uses it in the daily trading of E-Currencies. The only profits the DX makes is on the premiums they charge. With the after effect of the recent DX internal changes, premiums are now taken up front and newcomers don't see profits right away, like you did prior to these changes. Still, you are "investing" your hard earned dollars into a profit building portfolio. Otherwise, why would you do it???

DX initially grew too quickly and has had to re-organize from being drained by quick-profit seekers who found holes in the system and benefited financially. DX is going through growing pains and would buckle under if they didn't re-organize. They have had to fill in the holes in order to grow and prosper as an organization.

DX knows they have a good thing going and are growing and shifting accordingly. The many get-rich-quick people who abused the system will have been weeded out and moved on. This is actually one of the many benefits of the re-organization. DX needed to clean up and weed out. This creates a healthier organization.

It's important to view E-Currency Exchange on the whole as a long term opportunity. As with all trading systems, there are profit-up days and profits-down days. The DX system's internal reorganization will make them even stronger in the long haul. Those who honestly teach and inform about the system will have evolved with the changes and instruct accordingly. Those looking for a quick buck will have moved on. DX Synergy is simply another viable way in which to build a profitable portfolio over time, while participating in the on-going E-Currency trend.

When it's your money, it's always important to do your own due diligence in order to make informed decisions. Decide for yourself if E Currency Exchange is right for you. But make sure you're not getting caught up in the hype!

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