13 März 2014

How to Make Over 100 Thousand Dollars Per Year

Have you been chasing an elusive dream of making over $100k per year, only to end up disappointed? Perhaps you've seen other people making huge amounts of money and always wondered how they did it. You've seen people who make it look easy to make a six-figure income. Maybe you've slaved away for 80 hours a week to make a $100k salary. Or perhaps you've never even dreamed of making that much money or given considerable thought to what it might take for you to achieve such a goal.

While a $100k annual income may sound like a lot of money to the baby boomer and older generation, the reality is that it's really not that much in today's economy. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good chunk of money, but the "six-figure" high water mark certainly doesn't carry the stigma and prestige that it used to. In fact, most Harvard MBA graduates expect to enter the workforce with a starting salary of over $100k per year.

Does that mean you need a Harvard MBA to earn that kind of money? Certainly not. Thanks to a strong economy and the technological advances of the internet, the playing field has been leveled to the point that almost anyone can achieve a six figure income if they just know how to do it. Some of the work-from-home career paths that people are using to break into the six-figure income club include:

- internet marketing

- residential or commercial real estate investing

- affiliate marketing

- satellite TV sales

- day trading

- home daycare business (ex. )

- currency trading (forex)

- home or office cleaning business (ex. )

- web hosting

That's just a small sampling of current opportunities available. With more possibilities than ever before, now is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and pursue that $100k income ( you've always dreamed of. Remember, sometimes you have to take a risk to break out of your current situation and see what your potential may be! That said, also keep in mind that any business opportunity is a risk. Study each opportunity carefully, and take the time to learn about any potential risks involved before quitting your day job and jumping into something new.

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