28 März 2014

MLM Downline � How to Add 20 to 30 People A Week Into Your MLM Downline

There are hundreds of network marketing companies out there and all of them teach the same techniques to grow your business and mlm downline. Making a list of your friends or family, passing out brochures, the 3 foot rule, doing 3 way calls to your up line, purchasing expensive opportunity seeker leads, inviting to hotel meetings, etc. The worst part is that they tell you that all you need to do is fine 3 people who will find 3 who will find 3 who will find 3 and your mlm downline will make a 6 figure income.

If you've been in network marketing for a while, you already know these techniques don’t work and just end up making you broke. Many people don’t enroll a single person into their mlm downline using these techniques. The only successful thing you end up doing is getting bumped off the free family dinner list. Today and in future articles I’ll show you how to really grow and explode your mlm downline and do it quickly.

There are people in various MLM companies right now ranging from nutrition, telecom, travel, etc using the exact same techniques that I’ll be teaching you and adding 20 to 30 people a week into their mlm downline. Sounds unbelievable don’t it?

Oh, and just so you know, adding 20 to 30 people a week into your mlm downline means not a 6 figure income but a 7 figure income. I hope this doesn’t disappoint you. So let’s get started.

The first thing you must know right from the beginning when trying to build your mlm downline so that you don’t grow gray hair is DO NOT lead with the product and not the opportunity opportunity. Leading with the opportunity and a concept is taught by almost all network marketing companies. The reason you don’t lead with the opportunity is because this causes people to join your mlm downline and pay for the products monthly only because they are required to and they’ll try really hard to grow the business and after continuous failures, they quit in about 3 or 4 months.

What this means for you is that your constantly on a tread mill because as fast as you can enroll new associates into your mlm downline they are dropping off just as fast which is a perfect recipe for gray hair. To discover more business building techniques to grow your mlm downline and obtain a free report titled “The Heavy Hitter Report to adding 3 reps a day”, visit

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