24 März 2014

Enlightened Communication and Network Marketing

Successful network marketing revolves around effective communication. In your business you need to demonstrate how your product can help to solve your prospect’s particular problem. You need to communicate this effectively and listen intently to what your prospect says and what they mean. This communications involves using the correct dialogue and asking the right questions at the right time. The communication also involves providing feedback on what you understand that they want.

The buying process is really based two different communication processes. There is the logical process which is put in place by your company for you. Follow these directions again and again with all your customers. It is repeatable, can be easily duplicated and is highly successful. The other process is based on feelings and emotions. This is a harder concept to duplicate because it changes depending upon the circumstance and the individual.

Dealing with peoples emotions requires effective listening skills. It means really trying to understand their needs and requirements before you try to meet them. You will have to listen intently and understand what they are saying, so that you can customize a solution tailored toward their needs and current motivations. Once you are able to grasp this concept and integrate it into your selling process it can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for you to complete the sales process.

If your selling process is based on helping people, and consequently yourself, as opposed to purely moving product then your opportunities and potential will increase. It also makes the selling process fun! It helps you attract and benefit more potential partners and customers in less time and with less effort.

This approach does away with the conventional system of selling using techniques such as the ‘sales presentations’ and the ‘close’ which are based on a more persuasive or adversarial type of communication. Enlightened communication techniques are more concerned with making connections, discovering, listening and supporting. In other words it is about building relationships.

By helping people to improve their lifestyles you can improve your own lifestyle. This is achieved by passing on these learned skills to others. It’s really about helping others to understand how they too can make effective communication work for them. If you have a belief and a passion for what you do then you can pass this on to others. True success depends on the actions you take and having a real desire to succeed. Enlightened communication is the key which will open the door to success.

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