13 August 2013

Day-Trading Stock Picks with less than 25K

How would you like to have unlimited day trades and not have to have $25,000 in your trading account? Like they say, the rich get richer......but how? Well, now you don't have to have $25000 in your trading account to be succesful day trader. Add this with the fact that I can help you double your account in weeks with my proven system and it is a win win.. Whether it is penny stocks, or large caps, we can help you make money and lots of it.. One of the biggest issues for new traders is that they lack discipline and patience, both are keys to day trading stock picks success. I can tell you first hand that this was me a few years ago, and I bought system after system to make money but failed miserably.Right about the time you figured it out, after loosing tons of cash, you are under the $25,000 limit and you are only allowed to do 3 trades a week. Being a successful day trader requires that you make more than 3 trades a day, not just 3 a week. You by now are probably asking yourself, what about these unlimited trades?? The system we have designed is good for taking quick profits in may trades a day. If you did 3 day trades a day, you would be spending over $700 a month on trade transactions. We have teamed up with a proprietary trading company that has seen our system, and how our members can easily make money with our day trading stock picks. Because of this, they have agreed to let our members open an account with only $5000. Now the good part....they will let you do UNLIMITED trades daily. Yes that is correct, not 3 a week or even 3 a day for that matter...but 100's! Hold on gets even more interesting. You can trade with a 10:1 day trading margin. WHAT?? Open an account with only $5000, and you can start trading today with $50,000!! Can you see where I am going with this....(remember the rich get richer?). Now, if you can take that money and team it up with our day trading have a recepie for success. Once you become a member, and use our prop trading company, you can interact with members in chat rooms to help with your trading. How about training videos to sharpen your skills, or one on one training during market hours? Now, do you think you are ready? If you are a new trader or an old dog, our system will work for everyone!
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