01 August 2013

The Best Way to Keep Broccoli Fresh

Broccoli is packed full of immune system boosting phytonutrients which is why it is very highly regarded as one of nature’s amazing wonder foods. Countless studies have shown broccoli to help prevent heart disease and cataracts, strengthen the immune system, cleanse and detoxify cells, build up bone density and help to prevent cancer. To fully gain access to all of the benefits of this healthy and delicious food it is very important to know the best way to keep broccoli fresh.

Eating more fresh vegetables, especially those rich in beta-carotene, potassium, vitamins A + C, calcium and fiber provides many, many benefits to ones health. Vitamin A helps to maintain good vision and also helps to keep your immune system healthy, calcium helps to prevent bone loss, iron helps to prevent anemia, folate helps to prevents birth defects, fiber aids in digestion and gives a full feeling when eating, potassium helps to keep up muscle function, and vitamin C not only helps the body to absorb iron, it also helps to boost the body’s immune system. You can help to keep this tasty and healthy vegetable at its peak by following these simple rules:

To keep broccoli at its freshest, store it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Broccoli can also be frozen, first peel the leaves off the stalk and then blanch the broccoli in steam for approximately 5 minutes. Allow it to cool, and then place it in a sealed plastic bag. Broccoli can be stored in the freezer for up to 10 months. Broccoli doesn’t store very well after it’s cooked, it will probably break apart when it is reheated. If you do want to store cooked broccoli anyway, steam it until tender and store in a plastic bag.

Another way of storing broccoli is to cut off an inch or so from the ends of the stalks, rinse the bunch in cold water and put it upright in a cold water filled bowl, just like flowers in a vase. Cover the bowl with a plastic bag and refrigerate it.

Broccoli should be refrigerated within 30 minutes of its purchase if at all possible, and should be stored unwashed (dry it if it is wet from the store) in a sealed plastic bag with holes poked with a fork to allow the air to circulate. Some people wrap it in newspaper before they refrigerate it but this does not seem to be a very effective method.

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