07 August 2013

Gold Buffalo Proof Vs Gold Eagle Proof - Which One Should You Buy?

If you are having sleepless nights over a decision to make on investing in gold Buffalo Proof Vs gold Eagle Proof coins, worry not since there are other investors like you who share the same dilemma.

Since you are definitely very keen in purchasing proof edition gold coins, it would be advisable to educate yourself on its meaning. When you say proof, it means that the gold coins have gone through a special process of die treating and gets polished to a shiny look. It bears the same composition of the gold bullion but the difference is that the minted ones are very limited. So if the American population gets to be around 300 million, there would be 1,000 persons to "share" one gold coin since only 300,000 were allowed to be produced and sold by the U.S. Government.

Well, don't play heads or tails to get an answer. It is recommendable to find out what their strengths are so you can decide if you will choose to fly with the wind or graze on the grass: Gold Buffalo Proof Vs Gold Eagle Proof:

Gold Eagle Strengths

  1. They are produced in limited quantities

  2. They are struck with a high quality standard virtues

  3. They have a Certificate of Authenticity

  4. Directly available from the U.S. Mint

Gold Buffalo Strengths

  1. Their value is based on the gold spot price

  2. They are not bought for rarity or age but for collection purposes

  3. They are not available at the U.S. Mint

  4. They may be purchased from authorized dealers

Since both share almost the same good points the choice between the Gold Buffalo Proof Vs Gold Eagle Proof actually depends on the reason why you're buying the gold coins in the first place -- as collectibles or sound investment?

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