28 August 2013

Guide to the Exceptional Maryland Wedding Venues

Weddings are one of the most special events that anyone can go through. This is why people spend so much time planning for their dream wedding. It has to be perfect - from gowns to décor - so that it will be cherished forever. Included in the wedding preparation is finding the right venue for the celebration. Of course, one wants to be in a classy, unique and attractive location so that it will turn out to be the best. If you are still on a hunt for the best wedding venues, Maryland is the answer. Save your time in finding the great location because there are tons of great Maryland wedding venues.

One of them is the Milton Ridge Historic Chapel and Reception Hall. It is situated in Frederick, Maryland that offers all-inclusive wedding packages so that everything that a bride needs for her dream wedding are found all in one place. All the services offered by this elegant and intimate place are also available for other locations. Its chapel was also restored wonderfully to make it a perfect wedding spot where brides and grooms can share their vows together with their families and loved ones.

If you want a castle themed wedding, Maryland wedding venues will surely make your royalty dreams come true. Cloisters Castle is one of the most popular in this state. This is actually a private home which was made and finished for more than twenty years. It is very exceptional with an exterior of gray stone and Butler gold. It is situated in Lutherville, Maryland and features acres and acres of trees with a dazzling garden. This is also famous for being the wedding site for Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett. Usually, the rental fee allows the people to be around here for ten hours but if you want to extend the time, you can do so with an extra charge.

If you think that castles are a bit extravagant for you, you can opt for mansions Glenview Mansion, which is located in Rockville, Maryland. This is one of the top Maryland wedding venues and is a part of the Rockville Civic Center Park with a neoclassical design. With numerous beautiful windows and sporting pillars, this is a great wedding venue for those who want to make the most out of the experience. The mansion also has a dining room that screams luxury and quality. This can hold up to 225 people.

There are still a lot of Maryland wedding venues. You can also go for inns and taverns in here such as the Slade's Inn and Tavern. This is a Victorian inn that is completely matchless. What is also great here is that you can minimize the stress brought about by the wedding preparations since the management will take care of your needs like messages for the bride and groom as well as the make up sessions. Indeed, Maryland wedding venues are the best places to hold the most special event for you and your soon to be spouse!

Cassandra Angelica Cruise writes about wedding venues such as Maryland wedding venues and other wedding reception venues.

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