21 Juli 2013

SPQ Gold Assessment Testing

SPQ gold is the only psychometric application for diagnosis of sales call reluctance in the world
Successful sales call is often a manifestation of self-promotion. Experts say that salespeople, who can cheerfully hold forth on their abilities, are also capable to sell products and services. After all, if a person cannot sell himself, how can he sell a product? Yet the fact remains that for many deserving, motivated and loyal salespersons, self-promotion is emotionally difficult. SPQ gold testing is a proven tool that addresses the core issue as to how the problem of call reluctance can be tackled properly.

The fear of self-promotion is like a hidden enemy. When it takes a firm grip on salespeople, it exposes an emotional limitation on their part to initiate contact with prospective buyers. This is called sales call reluctance. If allowed to persist, it may result into significant erosion in a company's business. Since call reluctance exists only in the minds of salespeople, it makes sense to utilize an effective method like SPQ Gold testing to overcome the problem.

SPQ Gold testing refers to Sales Preference Questionnaire, the formal name of a test booklet, authored by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson. With the help of SPQ Gold testing, it is possible to identify the presence, nature and extent of what is known as Inhibited Social Contact Initiation Syndrome or ISCIS in salespeople and other personnel, who influence the salespeople. More than 300,000 successful applications of SPQ Gold testing worldwide testify its effectiveness to gauge the extent of call reluctance among salespeople.

SPQ Gold testing can be administered to anyone in contact-dependent work environment, including all salespeople, sales executives, senior sales managers, supervisors and trainers, and even human-resource personnel and psychologists. In short, all those who are either in sales or occupy positions of influencing salespeople, irrespective of hierarchy, are candidates for SPQ Gold testing.

What is it that SPQ Gold testing does? SPQ Gold testing detects and measures 12 types of call reluctance in the persons undergoing the test. The test-scores are measured via ROSE (Rapid On-site Scores & Evaluations), which is a proprietary multi-assessment computer-scoring platform for international use. Usually, scores are reported as simple percents. However, it is also possible to report SPQ Gold testing scores in more complex and informative standardized formats on demand. Soon, full Internet access and scoring will be available, which will make it easy to use SPQ Gold testing.

SPQ Gold testing is in use since the year 1980. Throughout these years it has been used in a series of studies with samples representative of many organizations and industries, coming as they do from a number of countries, notably United States, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, United Kingdom, Italy and South Africa among others. Little wonder therefore that SPQ Gold testing has, over these years, generated an extensively-researched body of results, which prove immensely beneficial to establish good concurrent validity in a variety of disparate organizational settings, correlating significantly with objective outcome data.

So, if your organization plans to cut short loss in business owing to cold call reluctance, there is no better way than SPQ Gold testing to help you out. Start today!

Sales skills assessments hold the key to evaluate and correct the strengths and weaknesses of sales force. Do your salespeople have skills to judge a selling chance and convert it into sale? Are they sincere in attending to buyers queries and concerns? Do they understand the process of closing sales in your company? How do they come across in first appearance when approaching a prospect? These are several other factors responsible for successful selling come to the fore in sales skills assessments.

There is often a toss-up between necessity of sales skills assessments and leaving it aside. While properly-formatted sales skills assessments would entail pressure on resources (in terms of time and money), many companies give it a go-by hoping to tide over any crisis, if and when that happens.

But such a crisis does not occur all of a sudden so that your second line of defense becomes immediately activated. In most cases, the disease of incompetent sales performance creeps in slowly, almost unnoticed till ultimately it is written all over. At that stage there is nothing much that can be done and no amount of disaster planning can come to rescue. It is for this reason that there is an increasing awareness for the need for sales skills assessments prior to hiring sales people.

Many sales organizations by default accept the inevitability of what is known as the 80/20 rule. As if this is something that is so sacrosanct that no effort can alter it. The 80/20 rule subscribes to the concept that 80% of all products and services are sold by just about 20% of the sales force. While in-depth industry-wide analyses have indeed proved so, it is nevertheless a wrong policy to succumb to it. Doing so would mean that sales skills assessments have no real value whatsoever.

On the contrary, sales skills assessments provide sufficient information and easy-to-follow indicators for evaluating sales people as they approach prospective buyers to explain and sell products and services. A perfect example is SPQ GOLD Sales Preference Questionnaire. This ubiquitous tool is a great help for business owners, consultants and executives to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of job-seeking sales persons before they are hired. How does SPQ GOLD help?

SPQ GOLD Sales Preference Questionnaire is a limited purpose self-descriptive instrument that can be used to effectively assess the presence, predisposition, and degree of sales call reluctance in candidates for sales positions. What is more, it also finds application to provide assessment-based support for training and developmental applications with current sales people.

Little wonder then that SPQ GOLD is considered today as one of the most validated applications for sales skills assessments. Its current applications are based on not less than 300,000 administrations internationally, making it the most widely used diagnostic instrument for conducting sales skills assessments in the world.

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