27 Juli 2013

Forex Invincible Scam.

Forex Invincible is scheduled to be released on Tuesday April 6th, 2010. But what exactly is the forex Invincible Software? Is this another forex trading robot? Is it a trading indicator? Or is it a signals software? In this Forex Invincible Review, we will pull back the curtain on this software and reveal exactly what it is and if its really worth the price tag of $97.

What is the Forex Invincible Software?

The Forex Invincible Software is a signals software which will provide its users with alerts when it spots a potentially profitable trade. The software provides the signal which tells the user the exact entry and exit points of the trade, so there is no guesswork involved. So why would one choose this type of software over a forex trading robot which would trade for them automatically? In simple terms, you will have total control with a signals software like the Forex Invincible. This type of software has always been more popular with veteran forex traders because of this sole reason. No experienced trader likes giving all the control of their trading over to a robot which cannot be completely controlled.

With signals software, you have the ability to adjust your level of risk on the fly. You can also choose not to place certain trades if you so choose. Additionally, you can learn from your past mistakes and improve your trading ability over time. With your traditional forex robots, you do not have the option to do any of the above. You can adjust your risk level with forex robots, but its across the board, you cannot choose to place higher or lower risk on certain trades according to your comfort level with the proposed trade. Additionally, you don't even have the option to "pass" on a proposed trade as a forex robot will automatically place the trade whether you like it or not. And lastly, where forex robots ultimately fail, they cannot learn from their past mistakes. When they place a "bad trade" they cannot learn from this mistake and will continue to make these "bad trades" thus depleting your account in the long run.

Who Can Benefit From a Signals Software System?

Signals Software is beneficial to both beginners and veteran traders alike. For beginners, it offers a clear and precise trading system which will allow them to get started right away without having to learn every aspect of the forex markets. It provides them with the exact trading perameters of the trades, the user just has to execute the trades accordingly which is easily learned and explained within the system. This also allows the user to "learn as they go" and get better with their trades over time. They can learn from past mistakes and apply them to future trades, unlike with forex robots where the user doesn't learn anything from watching the robot execute trades by itself.

As for seasoned traders, this type of software is beneficial for them as it offers some sort of automated tool to help them monitor the market for profitable trades rather than staring at charts themselves 24 hours a day to spot the profitable trades. It also provides them with complete control over the trades they place. They can choose not to place certain trades, but it also provides the flexibility for them to place their own level of risk on the trades they choose to execute. This is exactly why most seasoned forex traders never bought into the "forex robot hype". They know that in order to succeed in the long term, one must learn a system, apply it on their own, learn from it, have control over their trades, and most of all, have control over their own money. However, the key to not burning out and making crucial mistakes, is to have automated tools to assist with the entire process. This is why a signals software like the Forex Invincible are so attractive to the veteran traders. It will spot trades for them while still providing them with total control over the trades placed and their money management.

Is Forex Invincible Worth the Price Tag of $97?

In comparison to other forex signals software, the $97 price tag is right in line for this product. Forex Mercenary and Forex Profit Launcher are 2 signals software products that have been recently released and both were released at $97. And in comparison to forex robots, this is on the low side for those types of products where robots range anywhere from $97 to upwards of $497 (and signals software allow you to do even more). Additionally, a huge advantage that the Forex Invicible software has over the other signals software that have come before it is this:

The Forex Invincible software will monitor all the major currency pairs and the different time frames.

Unlike all the other signals software which just monitor one time frame and one currency pair, this software provides trading signals on all major pairs and multiple time frames within each pair. So you can be assured you will not be short of trading opportunities with the Forex Invincible software. With this added feature, the Forex Invincible has surpassed its competitors and has easily made this software well worth the price of just $97.

What Kind of Income can Be Expected from using these Signals?

I will not go into all the details regarding proof of income here, as this is best shown by the testers of the Forex Invincible Software. But below is just one statistic that stands out from the rest:

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