18 Juli 2013

Forex Morning Trade Mark Fric Review

Please note, we traded this product for well over 3 months, recorded and reported all our results. Therefore, this review is not the same as others you may read. We do not simply re-print marketing text from a sellers website nor do we copy and paste affiliation sales material. Our reviews are carried out by traders with experience who have actually used the system, for over 3 months in this instance.


The product is defined in a brief introduction video. The system trades once a day, in the morning, and takes roughly 5 minutes to operate. The timing is 6:30am UK time. The vendor has been using the method for over a year "with very good results". A 130% profit from January 2009 to July 2010.

A Set & Forget mechanical strategy that simply trades Cable. Trade direction, Entry, Stop and Target are clearly defined, they are shown on the screen (a Meta Trader 4 (MT4) account is required to use the custom indicator provided). Trades are executed at the current market price if there is a signal and Stops & Targets are added immediately after.


As well as a 41 page guidebook, a MT4 template and indicator is provided.

Set up and configuration should take those having MT4 experience a few minutes or so.

English is not the author's native language however regardless of this the manual is quite well presented. It covers the system in detail and provides many examples. This actually is as straightforward as it gets with the indicator doing all of the decision making.


If you can get yourself out of bed at 6:30 UK time and have a Meta Trader 4 account you can do this. However, just because it's straightforward to trade that doesn't mean it's profitable. However our actual results to date have been more than reasonable:

- September - 7 winners and 5 losers, +80 Pips

- October - 8 winners, 2 losers and 4 break-even, +240 Pips

- Novemeber - 6 winners, 4 losers and 6 break-even, +50 Pips

So, an average profit of 6% a month over a period of 3 months. These results are in line with those issued by the vendor and it is unusual we have differences.

We will continue to observe this system and we are even considering it for our "Systems We Use" list in our year end review.We welcome everyone to read and comment on all our reviews and join in our free Forex trading Systems Review Forum.

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