12 Juli 2013

Interview on WRFG - Continental Business Strategies and FX Trading

Today on WRFG (radio station in Atlanta, GA.) I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing an exceptional gentleman (to preview the interview paste the link into your browser: ). His name is Ben-Noble Zion and he's a currency trader. I know, what's so exceptional about that... (The Shrine 7/8/10) Well after hearing his testimony, observing his trading conference, and meeting some of the constituents within his mentorship program, I was truly impressed with what he's doing as a FX trader and mentor. Mr. Noble (he said it's ok if I call him that) is teaching people with no prior knowledge of trading how to trade in the FX market, and this is one of the most difficult markets to trade in. Mr. Noble said, he has developed a process called "Trading Simplified" and His goal is to empower people and teach them how to effectively trade within 90 days. Most of his participants are impressive and seem to understand his dissertation of what it takes to be a winner in the FX market. Nevertheless, one of his students stood out, he was a former employee of IBM. I asked him how long he has been trading; he mentioned that he knew nothing about trading until he enlisted within Mr. Noble mentorship program about 4 month ago. He was really excited about trading, so I asked him if he was paper trading or in the real market. He said, he opened a live account and started trading within 30 days of his introduction to the FX market. Then I asked how it was going, he perked up and said it's going great, for the last month I hit all my trades.

Mr. Noble found his interest in forex back in 2003, a year later he was hooked and trading live. He said his talent to read charts and trade are a gift from God. He's never had a mentor; but he was compelled to figure out the forex market. The first time he looked at a trading chart he saw patterns, and he would place trades based on the patterns he saw. He spent countless hours studying and watching the market. It was hard to explain to others what he was doing, but they notice the changes in his lifestyle. He would hold meetings and invite others to come and study with him, but at the end of the day he was the last man standing; and starting to feel as if he was alone on an Island. In time, he would come to the point where he could articulate his style of chart reading and method of trading. The idea came to him to edify others and build a superior team of trader. He said because of his own frustration and confusion around trading, he knew that the complexities of trading had to be simplified to sustain the attention span of the average person. Having had the chance to listen and watch him in action I must say he did it and I am convinced that anyone can do it. He breaks the concept of reading a chart down and makes it sound so elementary, while showing you how consistent and highly effective it can be when trading. This concept and pilot program was spoon feed to individuals at different levels around the trading spectrum. From the inquisitive man next door to the experienced trader managing multiple accounts for the bank, Mr. Noble was proving his theory about reading charts and trading. He passionately believes that if you were taught to read a chart like you were taught to read a book your ability to trade would be inferior to none. We congratulate you Mr. Noble for your efforts and for bringing this formidable skill to the common people.

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