27 Juli 2013

Gold Coast - Budget Accommodation

The gold Coast region is the most visited tourist destination for Australian as well as international tourists. Attracting millions of tourists every year, this area offers something for every single age and taste. Blessed with a warm climate, the gold Coast boasts gorgeous weather all year round. Spectacular beaches and a pristine landscape are the highlights of this area.

Due to this amazing geography, sports such as surfing and kite-sailing are virtually second nature to all the people you will find in this area. The Gold Coast has been catering to the needs and requirements of tourists for such a long time that a visible tourist culture has emerged, enabling all kinds of tourists to experience the wonders of the Gold Coast, regardless of their individual needs and requirements. Visiting the Gold Coast does not have to be a costly endeavour as there are various accommodation facilities and options that cater to travellers who prefer staying in budget accommodation.

Lobhere is an online resource where you can take care of all of your Surfers Paradise accommodation needs. Surfers Paradise is a location in the larger Gold Coast area. The accommodation options offered by Lobhere include the Chevron Renaissance Towers Resort, the Circle on Cavill Resort and the Q1 Resort and Spa. All of the apartments offered by Lobhere are self-contained (self-catering). However, all of the options also provide guests with access to housekeeping services as well as other add-on facilities, such as designated parking areas and so on. For more information, please visit the company website at

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