21 Juli 2013

Timing forex camarilla pivot point signals for maximum profits!

how to get the most camarilla pivot point forex trading signals by trading currency pairs at key times for optimal profits. Many people have read my previous article on forex market key timeframe's to trade around and so far I am just covering a lot of conceptual stuff the simple ingredients to successful forex trading. Today we will put a forex signal together and show just how fun and easy it is to make forex profit. We will be working with forex flows and basics theory on how you can generate forex signals on the forex markets for fast easy profits!

I will be using our free software in this example located at and while there is a premium service for our forex signals I am going to layout a simple strategy using only the camarilla calculator provided in the software. No charts, NO tons of indicators just lots of simple trading theory in words you can understand that will get you in the flow of the market.

When developing some of the mechanics of our own trading we coined the term digital Intuition and work off the premise that there is truth in numbers. In this digital age it seems almost anything can be expressed in numbers so it should not be hard to believe that news, sentiment and even fundamentals can be factored into the numbers in a forex currency pair. Lets look at my 3 favorite keys to catching the forex flow and see how they can work together in a synergy building forex signals.

1. Time: I touched on this in my previous article on market timing but you want to be in the market positioned well during the most volatile points of the day.
You can never catch every pip but it is likely you will catch the most of a movement when the market is moving most. Timing your trades around when the market is cooking is a key ingredient to my recipe for profits in the forex market.

2. Price: OK have you ever heard the saying that "you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything". In forex trading this is very true. Let me explain what I mean more clearly. You have to be either close to support or close to resistance before you take action.

Support = You think the market is going to turn and trend upwards but if it has been broken you think a breakout is happening
Resistance = You think the market is going to turn and go down but again if it is broken you think a breakout is happening

Anywhere in the middle = I will fall for any trick the forex market throws at me because I am not positioned correctly.

3. Volatility: OK let me point out the last component for you. Get up and run as fast as you can at top speed around your neighborhood for this little experiment. Probably in a while you will get exhausted and eventually slow down to a brisk walk at best. The forex market or any market in my opinion is going to be the same way. Why because the market is composed of human beings ( but what about the automated trading Alfred )? Well who programmed automated forex trading ( human beings ) ? So you see after volatility you can expect a market to cool down and after long periods of no volatility you can expect a market to cook.

Putting it all together. Lets use these 3 keys to unlock a synergistic forex signal. Pull up a chart if you must on USDYEN April 24 - 26 of 2007. Now minimize that chart because in my opinion charts are great for showing you a visual of what is happening or what has already happened on the forex market but I don't use them for forex signals in the way most people do with all those indicators.

I want you to visit and download this software. The software is completely free and this is all that I will be using to setup this position. Once installed you will be using the camarilla pivot calculator. Let me touch on something here briefly and explain. The reason I am so big on Pivots is because they are a predictive indicator. Most indicators simply revolve around a linear representation ( drawings ) over the current market action. In order to draw anything you have to know the beginning and end points therefore most indicators in my opinion are not very useful especially for entry forex signals. Pivots give you hard numbers that everyone will see ( nothing left for interpretation ) and they try and predict pivotal points on the coming day's market. This lets you get a plan together in advance instead of jumping at a minutes notice when the market moves like 80 - 90% of forex traders.

OK lets plug in some numbers and let me show you an example of a forex signal at work. I spotted this trade with no indicators at all just completely using the 3 elements above and my simple camarilla Pivot calculator included free in the forex flows software.

Time: Firstly I am not even looking for a forex signal until at least 6:00GMT or later. I will sometimes start as Germany opens just to get the last little pips before the UK market opens and a run starts. That is it guys I did not touch the chart because one of my synergy components is time itself.

Price: OK now I plugged in all my numbers into the pivot calculator and saved 3 consecutive days worth of pivots. The pivot Calculator in forex flows has 10 slots available that you can label and it will show you 3 consecutive Central pivot points #1 is the oldest and #3 is the newest.

The 3 Central Pivots were
APR 24: 118.57
APR 25: 118.58
APR 26: 118.59
Camarilla Pivots April 26
H4 118.97
H3 118.81
H2 118.76
H1 118.71
L1 118.60
L2 118.55
L3 118.50
L4 118.34

So the central pivots are very slowly trending up. In fact they are moving to slow ( 1 point a day for the last 3 days ). Question:What will happen after this low Volatility most likely?
The market will start to cook

When or around what TIME will this most likely happen?
Answer: During one of my key timeframe's explained in earlier articles.

Where or at what price do you enter?
Answer: At 7:00GMT on April 26 USDYEN was trading
at 118.85 this is just above H3 on our Camarilla Pivot Calculator. Now here is where I want to point something out.
A: The last 3 days central Pivots were moving up
B: We had just broken H3 and comon Camarilla theory said that was EXTREME resistance.
C: The market opened modestly above Central pivot so I usually look for long positions on those days.

All these factors
Timing: Just after 7:00GMT market can move big in the next 3 hours
Price: We just broke H3 wich is extreme resistance so predicting a breakout is not a stretch especially since we have been slowly trending up 3 days prior.
Volatility: Central Pivots have been only 1 Pip each day for 3 days so the currency is prime for a breakout.

Now pull up your chart and Viola all our components worked together in a synergy to give us a forex signal at 118.85 and we could ride this breakout all the way up until
16:00GMT 119.51 for 66 Pips profits or $660 trading 1 standard lot. Again Time told us when to leave at 16:00GMT because if you read my other articles you already knew most of the action was over at 16:00GMT and we exit the forex market when most of the action is over. Notice I did not use any indicators but my simple Camarilla pivots and an understanding of the natural flow of the forex markets. This is why we call our forex signal software forex flows. I hope this has opened up some ideas for you guys about trading with synergy on your side and riding the natural flow of the markets.

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