20 September 2013

A number of Gold Farming Spots You Should Know in World of Warcraft

Do you know long it takes most people to get 20,000 golds in World of Warcraft? A long time! Many people dedicate their lives to try and earn that gold in order to level up. Farming gold may be the first choose.However, there are many gold farming spots in World of Warcraft. Some are good and some aren't. It is hard to find a good spot because they are either occupied all the time or they are simply not that valuable. Which is the good spot that can farm plenty wow gold? Here are several good ideas for you, which maybe helpfulto you.


Azshara is one of the more popular wow gold farming spots.There are a few different approaches you can take here, you can start out with the Massive Timbermaws, then reach the Blood Elves, Blood Elves will drop Runecloth once they are killed, and there is always a market for Runecloth. Runedoth can be collected and sold at the auction house.


Stratholme is a five-man instance which is dependent on the ability of the group, can usually be run in 40 minutes to an hour. The keys to success in running the Stratholme instance are skills, experience, solid tactics, and great communication amongst your group. I've found it very easy to make a lot of gold from disenchanted items in this particular instance, making it one of the better World of Warcraft gold farming spots.

3.Stranglethorn Vale

In Stranglethorn Vale there is a spot called Crystalvein Mine where you can farm Ironjaw Basiliks. To locate this region, head east from the Gurubashi Arena. Once you have reached the spot, you will come across a good number of Ironjaw Basilisks. Ironjaw Basiliks will drop vendor trash items which you can collect and sell for significant amount of gold. You can also grind their corpses for thick leather and heavy leather.

4.Un'Goro Crater

One of the best WoW gold farming spots is Un'Goro Crater. However to make it a good farming spot, you need to have at least mining as one of your professions.I say this because there's a lot of Thorium ore in this area. This mineral sells for nice money, because it's needed in quite high quantities to skill up jewelcrafting, blacksmithing and engineering.

5. Scholomance

Another good WoW gold farming spots is in Scholomance. Many players haven't even been there before. However, since it's an instance and the creatures inside are elite, you need at least a 70 character. The mobs inside drop plenty of Runecloth, they have big chances to drop Pristine Black Diamonds needed for "The Insane", green items and other valuable stuff. There is a type of ghosts that you need to focus on inside Scholomance. The Spectral Researchers. They drop lifestealing enchanting formula which can be sold for nice gold.

6. Wintergrasp

Wintergrasp is an area which is known as PvP zone, but it's also a great place to go to when you're trying to get quick gold. There are many spots all over the zone with different elemental eternals that are clustered close together. Search the auction house for the elementals that are selling for the most gold.

7. Onslaught Harbor

Onslaught Harbor is one of the Northrend gold farming spots that I prefer because I'm a tailor. There are many humanoid mobs here that drop Frostweave Cloth , they have low HP and a high respawn rate. So I can get a lot more cloth scraps. However, you'd better keep an eye out because this is a daily quest zone and you can get attacked by an enemy player that comes for here to complete those quests.Also, there are a few daily quests on these mobs and you can make a few extra bucks if you complete them.

These areas are effective in how to make gold in the world of warcraft.You want to more knowledge about how to choose good farming gold spots? Come to and you will find what you want.

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