24 September 2013

Credit Suisse Statue Of Liberty Gold Gram Bar - A Golden Symbol Of Freedom

The Statue of Liberty Fine gold Gram Bar was produced by Credit Suisse, a famous Swiss refinery. This gorgeous gold art bar features a lovely design of the Statue of Liberty, with a proof-like, mirror surface.

The Statue of Liberty is one of America's most enduring symbols of freedom and hope. The statue was a gift from the people of France in 1886 to celebrate America's 100th birthday. The statue stands in New York Harbor, on Liberty Island and has welcomed millions of immigrants over the years, as they arrived by ship.

Credit Suisse gold bullion bars are one of the most recognized and popular gold bars. Often referred to as Credit Swiss gold bars, collectors and investors tend to favor them for their pure gold bullion content and worldwide acceptance. Credit Suisse gold bars are highly regarded through the world. This allows the to be easily traded and sold at any given time.

The Credit Suisse Statue of Liberty fine gold gram bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram (About 8mm by 15mm in size) all the way up to 10 grams (About 15-16mm by 26mm in size). Each bar has similar characteristics. They include:

1. Made from Credit Suisse solid gold
2. Pure 99.99% gold
3. 24 karat gold purity
4. Sealed in a protective plastic case
5. Assigned and stamped with their own unique serial number
6. Comes with original Serial numbered refiners display car

Like the Statue of Liberty, gold endures, protects, and truly shines in times of financial, political, and economic crisis. The Credit Suisse Statue of Liberty Fine Gold Gram Bar would be a perfect vehicle to invest in to protect your hard-earned wealth.

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