09 September 2013 Review-TV NOOP on your PC

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Robots have been a part of our culture for quite a few decades now as they appear in movies, books, TV shows and art. It is no wonder that robot art is so popular; robots are so customizable. With a little imagination you can paint a robot as unique as yourself.

Robot Inspirations

Because there are many different types of robots, it helps to look at pictures or videos of the kind of robot you would like to paint. For example, robots from movies of the 1980s and 90s are fairly detailed and blocky. These angles are often very interesting but tend to be a little difficult and may require a few simple tools to draw, such as a straight edge and a protractor. An understanding of perspective is also useful when painting these types. In contrast, sleek modern looking robots are usually very rounded and minimalistic. These require less perspective and shading. Cartoon robots are the easiest to paint and they present a greater variety of color options.

Sketching the Design

After you are familiar with the kind of robot you would like to paint it is time to sketch your idea out. It is best to start your sketches on a piece of scratch paper rather than the good paper or canvas you want to paint your robot on. Don't be afraid to mix it up; if you have two or more favorite robots designs you might want to try several different combinations of them to make your robot even more personalized. Once you have the general shape of your robot planned out, it's time to plan the details. These are the little buttons, switches, screens and antennas that make robots so much fun. Try them in different shapes and areas until you find the placement you like most. You should now have the robot sketch you would like to paint.

Preparing to Paint

Before you begin painting your robot you must transfer your robot to the canvas or paper you have chosen. You can simply re-draw the sketch, trace it with carbon paper or use a projector to trace the design. After you have your design drawn out, it's time to take a look at colors. Metallic colors are great for robots as they shine and give the impression of real metal. You can get silver, gold and most other colors in a metallic acrylic paint. Pick the main colors for your robot's body and don't forget to choose colors for the details. Little red and green buttons are typical on robots, but don't feel restrained by the typical when you paint yours.

Painting Your Robot

Now it's time to begin painting your robot. When painting larger areas it's best to use a flat brush with a straight edge as this will help make bold strokes while staying inside the lines. Mix the main color with a little white for highlighted areas along the top of your robot and with black for the shaded parts. If the acrylic paint becomes hard to blend, don't be afraid to add a little bit of water to your brush. After you have the base color completely finished, wait until the paint dries before you begin painting the details on your robot, it shouldn't take long. For these smaller parts like lights, buttons, nuts and bolts, you'll need a little brush that comes to a tapered point. Don't squeeze too much paint out for these little areas, acrylic paint dries quickly and cannot be saved for later use. When you have painted the details, your robot is finished. Wait until it dries and then go back and touch up any spots you may want to fix.

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