22 September 2013

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Booking Gold Coast Holidays Accommodation

Both Australians and overseas visitors travel to Queensland for their gold Coast holidays. The popular beachside tourist destination has been drawing holiday makers for over 60 years. There is a wide range of accommodation choices, both from large tour operators and resort and then there are the smaller independent operators.

The sad thing is, we often read stories about people complaining about their holiday accommodation experiences. There is nothing new about this - it happens every year. For example, a 'peaceful' holiday home turns out be on a busy road. Another example is an expensive apartment that advertised ocean views ends up having a glimpse of the blue water from one corner of the balcony. Or perhaps there's the 'luxury' accommodation that has old and worn out decor, where the mattresses on the beds are concave.

The problem is, with the rise of the internet, many people are now booking independently rather than through tour operators. The benefits of booking through independent operators is that the accommodation rented out is of a much higher standard than holiday makers could find through larger tour operators. Additionally, it can often be cheaper and offer you greater choice.

However, the risks of booking this way are that if things go wrong, your options for settling it right, or for getting compensation are limited - especially if it happens in another country.

So how do you avoid the pitfalls of booking through independent operators?

Talk before booking. People are usually far more candid when talking one to one than when writing purple prose for their website. You will get a gut feeling about whether or not they are being honest with you. When you call, have a list of questions ready about the property that you are most interested in, and then ask them to confirm in writing after the conversation.

Check Google Earth or Google maps. It is an extremely useful tool which allows you on most places to check a satellite picture of the property you are considering. A quick glance will point out any problems or eyesore conveniently left out of the brochure or website description.

Look for virtual tours. Some accommodation providers supply virtual tours of the apartments and holiday homes on their books. Whilst photos may show only half the picture, it is hard for a virtual tour to lie.

Ask for guest reviews. Have a look on the accommodation website for an Guest Book that contains reviews from past guests. This really is the best way to gauge the experiences of people who have actually stayed at the particular gold Coast holiday apartment or executive home you are considering renting. Previous guests are usually fairly candid out their holiday accommodation experience.

Select the ACTUAL apartment you wish to stay in when you book. That way you can be confident that your accommodation will have the exact style, amenities and position you are looking for. There are a few Gold Coast holidays accommodation providers that include photos of the individual apartments and holiday homes they rent, in order to give their potential guests a clear idea of what they will see when they arrive.

By following these simple guidelines, you will reduce the chances of experiencing any unpleasant surprises when you arrive at your Gold Coast holidays destination.

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