08 September 2013

How Can Market Research Improve A Fashion Campaign?

One of the best ways of understanding the fashion industry is to perform research that allows you to begin to understand what audiences are responding to. That is why the role of a fashion researcher is vital in the Fashion industry. It is also a very interesting job because you can learn about different audience habits and get some real insight into the depths of the fashion industry/

Those who are interested in applying for Fashion Market Researcher Jobs in Fashion Agencies should be aware of why it is such an important job. Market research can either make or break a campaign. If it is inaccurate or too generalist then upcoming fashion gurus will not be sufficiently aimed with the tools that will help them succeed.

Jobseekers who wish to take on this role should look at the typical work activities of a market researcher and asses their skills against each activity. This will help them establish whether they are suitable for the job. For example, market researchers are expected to write reports and deliver presentations. This means you need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills in order to catch the attention of important people in the agency and update them about current trends.

Fashion Industry brands struggle without a substantial amount of research behind them. Trying to enter this industry without the knowledge and know how will certainly limit your options and you could potentially end up spending a large amount of money on limited campaigns.

Market researches spend their time looking into audience analysis. Firstly, they need to find out exactly who they want to target and give justifications as to why it will be beneficial to the company. Moreover, they need to conduct a fair amount of research into people's habits and requirements. Getting feedback on existing products is a good way to do this in order to plan the structure of an advert. The fashion industry has lots of different sectors and very specific audiences and people that need to be reached out to and dealt with.

One of the most important tasks that a fashion market researcher would do is to look into current trends. They need to be bang on target with their style predictions. This involves investigating what forms of advertising are making the biggest impact on fashion gurus and what competitors are doing in their campaigns. Competitor analysis can be very useful because it can help to determine a gap in the market and inform advertisers about the things they should avoid. For example, they need to make sure that their products are original and are not just copies of other designs.

If you think you are up to the challenge and have a keen eye for spotting the next fashion trends then this could be the ideal role for you. The next step would be to look into job specifications and entry requirements to decide whether you are ready to apply for the role.

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