30 September 2013

Stop Buying WoW Gold - The Dangers of World of Warcraft Gold Sellers, Keyloggers, Trojans, and Theft

Buying WoW gold might seem like a great idea at first, but there are serious consequences that you might not be aware of. The temptation for many has been great, but remember that it is not looked upon well by Blizzard, you could even get your account banned. So let's take a look at some of the consequences that could occur if you decide to dance with the devil.

Keyloggers: These malicious trojan viruses log your every keyboard move, logging all your strokes thereby giving away all your valuable information. Keyloggers save your strokes to a file and transmits remotely to remote attackers. You can guess the kind of chaos this could do to your account. They could even use your account to farm gold and sell it.

Pay and never receive gold: This happens more than you think. Think about it for a second, most of these accounts are held overseas and it's not a hard thing for gold sellers to just delete their sham business in a keystroke. They get your money and you get nothing. There are thousands of small temporary companies set up every year for the sole purpose of getting your payment information without ever intending to sell you anything.

WoW Game Master Bots: These sophisticated server bots determine whether there a transaction of some sort going on. The bot is advanced enough to gauge whether anything was traded, it logs your information to monitor your gold trades. It sole purpose is to determine if anything funny is going on. This is one of the ways that Blizzard uses to suspend or ban accounts.

No Refunds: Sometimes you think you find a "good" gold seller. The transaction is made, then out of nowhere you get the suspension hammer. You go back to the seller and tell them you got suspended and you want them to either give you a refund or give you another pile of gold and hope that you don't get busted again. Guess what! They are under no obligation to do so. You are out of money and luck. Was it really worth it?

Look, we all want to take the easy road, but the key to success in World of Warcraft is consistent action coupled with a good strategy. The best way to do this is to get help with either more advanced players or get some good guides. Keep that in mind next time you get tempted. Good luck.

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