13 September 2013

Buying Your First Arowanas? Things You Should Know

Are you ready to purchase your first asian arowanas? Before you put your money on the desk there are some consideration you have to make to ensure you own and enjoy your arowanas for many years to come. Be prepared to put your effort on the selection of your arowanas. Do not think buying arowanas is a simple step, open your cheque book, write down the amount and sign it for validation and you get your pet. But it is important to develop the skills necessary to choose the right fish to avoid disappointment or disaster.

One of the factors made asian arowanas not much available in the market is this species classified by CITES as endangered and protected. You will face heavy penalties for illegal hunting or trade violations.

trading asian arowanas are forbidding in some nations including the United States. Permits from the countries of exporter and importer are required. It is not just against the law to obtain this species illegally but black-market fish tend to be of poor quality and their health is often compromised.

If you cannot get asian arowanas simply because legal aspect or cannot afforded, Australian and South American arowanas could be the replacement. Both are often available in pet shops or specialty aquarium stores. They also display the most majestic traits virtually all arowanas share although lack in term of coloration.

Two main factors should be in mind when you initially begin to shop for your arowanas:

1. Color is one of the main determinants of most arowanas species' value. Be aware that age affects coloration, and color may be induced artificially. Consider tone, luster and brightness when evaluating coloration.

2. Scales are also a measure of worth and an important indication of health. Arowanas scales should be large, bright and distinctly framed. They should be evenly layered with no discoloration. Shed scales are replaced with growth, but beware of signs of infection or injury on your arowanas.

You should examine a large number of arowanas from as many different sources as possible in order to evaluate color and scales for optimum quality and health. Practice is paramount to successful evaluation, and a trained eye often detects all but invisible variations or imperfections.

Examine as many varieties of ages if possible. If your resources are limited, turn to books or the internet instead. Note discrepancies and identify appealing traits as you visually evaluate more specimens.

After you get long with this hobby, you become more experienced at evaluating the color and scales of arowanas. Now it is time to look at other features that also denote quality and health. The grade of arowanas also determine by these condition and characteristics:

• Gills

• Fins & Tail

• Mouth

• Eyes

• Shape

• Swimming Style

Arowana's poor health or quality based on these criteria is easy to spot by trained and experienced observer. There are also personal preference influenced the selection of your arowanas. But most important thing do not be persuaded to purchase an arowanas that you immediately and personally impressed by. As you learn to evaluate an arowana's features, personal preferences tend to evolve. Upon reaching this level of experience your selection of an arowanas will meet or exceed your highest expectations both short and long-term.

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